Sunday, August 23, 2009

Silver Lining, part I, vol. 2

I'm starting a new volume of silver liningness. Since I made the 1-year mark last weekend, I decided to start back with a part I. Plus, the Roman Numeralizing was getting challenging.

So welcome to the first edition of volume 2!

School started this past week. That first week back always feels a bit disjointed with everyone still getting used to getting up on time and meeting schedules and having stuff ready to go. I think at this point, we've smoothed out most of the rustiness and are back into the swing.

On that note, I'm glad that all the kids enjoy school. Chaco and Wolfgang have met all their teachers and seem to like all of them and have enjoyed seeing their school friends. I wasn't concerned about which teacher Meego would get, as all the fourth grade teachers at his school are well-liked and competent. He's already become good friends with a new kid, and his best friend from last year is in his class too.

There was, however, that little incident with the "inappropriate school computer use". I think Chaco was really worried that Magnum and I would be pissed, but no. In fact, I knew he was able to do this as he'd told me before that he and his friends had figured out how to hack their way into checking craigslist ads from school (also an "Access Denied" site) - only during lunch break. If anything, we see this as a marketable skill to have. Just don't do it at school, please.

For work, I attended a workshop yesterday - a "bootcamp" - thrown by my newish boss. I knew he'd be a good boss to work for when he moved into that position just a few months ago. He's better than good, though. He's excellent! The workshop was very beneficial and I'm psyched to utilize my new bootcamp skillz. Plus, he brought FOOD.

OH, and I was also reminded about some employee discounts we're eligible for that I often forget about. I loves me some employee discounts!

Remember back when I said that the husband and I had started going for walks in the evenings (mainly for lack of anything better to do)? Well, that was several weeks ago now and we've consistently kept at it. It's turned into a nice ritual for us, a nice bit of quality time. It's become a priority, and we find ourselves taking care of other things more efficiently in order to not compromise the nightly stroll. Gag, like an old married couple! Yet another reason to not have cable.

And... as always, I'm thankful to have such cool blog friends! I look forward to another year of silver liningness.


  1. what is an employee discount at a school?

  2. What a great kid Meego is to make the new kid feel so welcome already!

    The new boss sounds great. A good boss makes all the difference in the world. Almost anything can be challenging and fulfilling with the right boss behind you.

    I tried to get Mark to do the walk thing with me, but it didn't last. Maybe we can find some other activity to help us become an old married couple. He thinks watching cable is it. I disagree.

  3. Meego's a great kid. He's gonna make you proud.

    Having a boss you like and enjoy working for can make the difference between enjoying your days at work and the 3rd circle of hell. Enjoy your new boss the benefits (food) it can bring.

    It's great to have someone to share your workouts with, but it may cut down on you getting checked out by old guys...