Thursday, August 20, 2009

access denied

Okay, so today. Day freakin' two of back-to-school for Chaco, I get one of those phone calls. You know the calls? The ones no parent wants to get? (Please tell me you know the calls...). I wasn't home at the time, so it was just a message left on the machine:

"Hello Mrs. Normal, this is Mr. Vice Principal at Hoopa Choopa High School. I've got Chaco here in the office and I'm just calling to let you know that he was inappropriately using a school computer today. His computer access is suspended for one month, and we've discussed making better choices. He'll get his access back in one month. Call me if you have questions."

Well, YEAH I had questions! What??

So I've got these scenarios running through my head. "inappropriately using a school computer" - geesh, that's like language from a news story about pedophilic teachers trolling for hook ups! Vagrants surfing for p0rn! What WAS he doing? Online gambling? P0rn surfing? Drug dealing? Chaco?? Chaco the techno-geek?

I decided not to call Mr. Vice Principal and instead let Chaco tell me what he was doing.

"Soooooooooo...... whatwereyoudoin'??", when I saw him after school.

"I wuz just editing code on a website"

"What website??"

"The 'Access Denied' website..."

"WHICH 'Access Denied' website?" (Gambling?? P0rn?!? Methamphetamines?!?!)

"An 'Access Denied by the school district' website"

*SIGH*, could he beat around the bush any more?? "WHICH website were you trying to access?"

"xbox dot com"

Oh, seriously.....

I mean, WHEW, but how can we be smart enough to know how to edit code to get around the "Access Denied" firewalls at school, yet clueless enough to actually do it?


Adam said...

All that buildup for

terri said...

Hahahahahahaha! I like that kid! (Sorry...I know it's not fun to get that call.)

Judy said...

HAHAHAHA! Oh my - that could have been sooooooooo much worse!

Judy said...

HAHAHAHA! Oh my - that could have been sooooooooo much worse!

LauraBelle said...

I have to doubly agree with Judy: "Oh my - that could have been sooooooooo much worse!"


Duble said...

isn't prison full of people that had ideas, but were too clueless to impletent them?

side note, how does one do school work being ban from the computer? If i where him, I would work on getting a lifetime ban.

That way miss know it all would say, every go to the lab and do your homework or something and he could say, turns out I can't.

brandy101 said...

thank heavens it was just nerdy stuff and not p0rn!

Herb said...

Oh seriously is right.