Wednesday, August 19, 2009

exchanging glances

He looked an awful lot like Wilford Brimley. Had to be over 70 years old.

I saw him one day recently as "our ships passed in the night".

Actually it was broad daylight. My ship was my trusty road bicycle. Wilford was in a late model viagra-blue Ford Mustang.

I was waiting at a traffic light for the oncoming traffic to make their left hand turns. Wilford approached the intersection in the Mustang, made his turn in front of me, and gave me this debonair wave.

At first I thought that maybe he was someone I knew, but upon closer scrutiny, I saw it was an elderlyish man in a macho car giving me the eye. Gosh, and here I thought it was just third graders that I sometimes had that affect on.

Things are looking.... "up"??


brandy101 said...

whoo whoo!

Anonymous said...

Evidently your appeal runs the full spectrum from 10 to 70... bicycles to muscle cars. Congratulations!!!!

Duble said...

boys will be boys.

agg79 said...

Way to go Abs!
Getting checked out from the old geezers club. You still got it going on. Of course, I can assume he wasn't checking out Tessa, right?

terri said...

Well... he saw something he liked and apparently has quite a bit of confidence. Old man or not, it's got to give you at least a little ego boost, right?

Beej said...