Saturday, June 27, 2009

Silver Lining Saturday, part XLV

Here I sit on a beautiful Saturday morning. The birds are appropriately chirping... hear them?

Had an absolutely lovely bike ride this morning, and my legs are feeling a bit noodly at the moment, so polishing the silver linings seemed like a worthwhile thing to do.

Yesterday, Wolfgang and I were puttering about the house as Meego was playing out front with his communist friend. Suddenly, we heard much excitement from the two of them. A moment later, a UPS truck drove up, no doubt to deliver the lego set Meego had recently ordered. I'm thankful it arrived and I'm no longer dealing with the incessant anticipation of him waiting. Geesh, it was only about 4 days or so. UPS drivers are like Santa Claus around here. Only real. Personally, I have a beef with UPS regarding a package that "absolutely positively needed to be there overnight" but wasn't. This is silver lining saturday, however, so we won't go there.

Also in the "new stuff" category, I'm awaiting a call from the vision center. I needed a backup pair of glasses and ordered some a few days ago. They will have transition lenses. *emits restrained squeals of delight*

On that note, I also had an eye exam since my previous prescription was expired. (I still need to schedule that pap smear, but I went with the eye exam as the much lesser of two evils). I'm happy to say that at the ripe age of 44, I am still not in need of -yikes!- bifocals. Oh, the mere thought of them....

Yesterday, we had an exciting thunderstorm wreak havoc on our fair city and neighborhood. So exciting that it roused Meego, Wolfgang, and Chaco outside to experience nature's wrath.

I snapped this photo of them after the thing had passed. They're doing their you-call-this-a-storm?! walk back to the house after venturing out into the prior violence. I mainly took it because I had no picture of the week for this post, so lame as it is, it's all I've got. I think Wolfgang is saying, "Don't post that on facebook!" He never said anything about the blog. tee hee.



Whodat? said...

I predict that eyeglasses will be relegated to a fashion accessory in the Western world w/in 10-20 yrs. LASIK and PRK are very successful procedures and becoming more & more commonplace.

I have no such prediction for paps. Sorry. ;-)

Anonymous said...

After the description of the pap smear earlier, I'd rather have my intestines ripped out with a fork than go through that...

Herb said...

I like Silver Linings. BTW, isn't it that other shipping company that promises aboslutely, positively overnight? For a price.

terri said...

I still consider the UPS man to be like Santa Claus! The arrival of much awaited packages never gets old.

I love that picture of your boys. It's so spontaneous and summery. It's one for the family album!