Monday, June 29, 2009

another's treasure

I'm not sure how I did it, but somehow I managed to convince the kids to clean up their Man Cave. If I'm not mistaken, it had something to do with a powerful vacuum cleaner and threats to suck up anything that wasn't either too big or bolted down.

During the ensuing excavation, we discovered a zoo.

Not just any zoo, but a Playmobil DeLUXE zoo! We're talkin' vultures! We're talkin' tiger family! We're talkin' extra fencing! We're even talkin' zoo technician, complete with shovel and wheel barrow!

Have you any idea how ridiculously priced this stuff is?!?! (Note: We did not purchase this. It was a gift to Meego several years ago from my I-can-buy-love father-in-law).

Anyway, so the tote housing the zoo was unearthed from beneath layers of other misfit toys. I can't remember the last time the thing was even out in the fresh air. I told Meego that he could probably get a lot of cash for it. I could see the "CHA-CHING!" gears a-grinding in his brain.

But first, he'd have to set it up all pretty like so I could take a photo of it. That was the downfall

It's still there. Not wanting to sell Just Yet, on second thought...

What's in your closet?



  1. My packrat ways have caused us to save all of Ben's old toys and now Savannah plays with her daddy's old toys when she comes over. It's kind of cool. We had a Fisher-Price zoo like that...

  2. I only seem to get rid of ill-fitting fact I have a truck coming to morrow to pic a few bags/boxes of no-longer-loved fashions from myself and the ever-growing child.

  3. I found one of those little plastic army guys! His comrades, sadly, seem to be missing in action...I wonder if they're in the basement.

  4. We just found the Geo-Safari - sort of a pre-video game electronic learning toy. No one could bear to part with it so it's sitting in my bedroom now.

  5. i don't even dare look in my closet. that's because it's clean mess. really clean, tidy, neat. do i convince my mum not to look in there. of course i have nothing hide...i'm just concern for her health.