Tuesday, May 12, 2009

what's a girl to do

So we found ourselves at IT'Z last weekend. A good place to kill a few hours of "family entertainment fun". At some point, I decided to use the facilities.

Sorry if this sounds like it's getting to be a bit TMI, but trust me, this is essential to the story. (Gosh, I'm becoming like Jerry)

So anyway, I entered the lovely restroom area and chose a stall. But, AHA! Ever-so-alert me noticed that there was no TP in the particular stall I'd chosen. No, the public bathroom gods would not have the last laugh this time!

I adeptly switched to a well stocked stall, thinking myself so in-the-know. But I learned something at that point. I learned that some of the IT'Z bathroom stalls are furnished with these itty bitty potty training sized toilets plumbed right in with the regular sized versions. Yes, I had chosen such a stall.

Now, I'm not saying that this toilet was a bit smaller, like it was for petite women or something. No no no no. This was a teeny tiny potty-training-sized toilet, giving new meaning to the term "little girls' room".

I contemplated a moment. There were others entering the bathroom. I had already changed stalls once. What were the odds of me finding a stall that was both stocked with supplies AND adult sized? Not very good, I deduced.

So I just sighed and went for it. As I took care of things while resting my teeth on my knees, I couldn't help but notice that my little playhouse bathroom stall was equipped with a handy little "sanitary products" disposal unit, like those of regular bathroom stalls. How ironic. What was THAT doing in there?

Anyway, let this serve as a public service. I can't vouch for the "little boys' room", but ladies, just be aware.


Anonymous said...

At least you didn't break anything and what a responsible person you are for checking for TP...but I guess you ladies are used to that. I had an issue like that at the open mic night at the comedy club before I went up to was the perfect opening for the set too...toilet humor always goes over well.

agg79 said...

If you had been able to describe the little boys room, I might start to get worried.

But, yes, some male bathrooms cater to people of shorter stature. Now, at 6'3", I am always up for a challenge, but when you have to hit a target that is somewhere around your ankles, it can tend to get "messy".

Judy said...

What? I have not seen these bitty potties you mention except at school. That's terrifying enough. Now they're at places of entertainment, too? ACK!

terri said...

I've never seen such a thing! Of course, I try to make a habit of NOT visiting public restrooms if at all possible.

brandy101 said...

We had toilets like that at my elementary school - and when I interviewed there (it was a private school) prior to 1st grade, I thought they were the best thing EVER!

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Man, but I've never heard of such a thing before. Australia is obviously more backwards than I thought... Note: must send letter to Prime Minister re: mini toilets...

Duble said...

some times in the men's/boys room there is one mounted lower than the others.

which is handy if your short i remember being at Arrow head stadium and having to be really bad, standing in line, getting up there, and having to stand on my tip toes to get my tools above the rim.

It sucks to be short! I am glad for puberty.