Saturday, May 9, 2009

Silver Lining Saturday, part XXXVIII

Happy Saturday, friends and readers of the blog, and people who just stumbled upon this after doing a search on "tobacco spit bowl" or "back bridge rugburn" or "threesome talk". (note: these are all actual keyword searches that have led here. The first two I can see, but I'm kinda racking my brain on that third one...)

I've had a busy and productive week. The spring cleaning bug had me doing much purging. Gave 4 bagfulls to the VVA thrift store, plus another largish donation to the local landfill. I even got rid of a bunch of dog hair, thus making China this weeks SLS photo of the week:

No one knows for sure just what kind of dog she is. She's black, she's furry, she's affectionate, she's slightly mental. We got her from the humane society.

All that thick black fur gets hot in the warm months, so it seemed time for the spring shearing of the hound.

So she's been all sleekened by a friendly groomer at Wag 'n' Wash. To think that I used to shave her myself. What a job. So she's cooler and revealed to be a bit on the chubby side, now that her "fat clothes" are off.

In other Silver Lined news, we went to that middle school art show that I mentioned in the previous post. Not a biggie biggie deal, but it's an honor to be chosen to exhibit. Wolfgang made a star shaped pendant out of turquois and 4 types of metal that was picked for the show's jewelry category. It was fun to look at the different entries, and they'd put the jewelry exhibits in these high falutin' glass cases, like they were the Hope diamond or something.

And I was kept busy collecting Run With Lumber pledges from the school kids (I hear you: "will it ever end?!?!"). I'm glad to see some very generous donations despite the tough economy. My toil and mild sunburn were not in vain.

Some reshuffling of management has occurred at work, and I have a new boss. The previous boss was okay, but seemed a bit overwhelmed at times. I liked her though, but alas, she's moving to a different position. The new boss is a good guy I've known since I've worked there. Now he's my boss, and I think he'll do a bang up job of it.

Lovely bicycle ride this morning, simply lovely.


terri said...

Sounds like you've got yourself a fledgling artist on your hands. How cool that he got to display his talents!

Glad to hear Run with Lumber was such a success.

Judy said...

China looks sooooooooo much more comfy now that the dead ends have been cut off!