Thursday, May 7, 2009


Public Displays of Acrimony, that is.

It's springtime. Love is in the air.

Or is it?

Just the other day, I witnessed two quite lengthy PD's of Acrimony without even looking for them.

I happened upon the first one while I was returning home from somewhere on my bicycle. There I was just going down the road and enjoying my little ride. Up ahead, about two or three blocks away, I saw a couple standing on the sidewalk engaged in discussion. As I got closer, I saw that it wasn't really a discussion they were having, it was a highly emotive monologue.

The female half of the couple, a rather diminutive person, was spitting mad and gesticulating accordingly while the proportionately larger male half just stood there, looking at her, but otherwise not doing much of anything else. She was speaking. She was finger pointing - west, east, north, south - no direction was spared her finger pointing.

I really wanted to know what she was saying, but I figured I couldn't just stop my bicycle and listen, so I just zipped on by pretending to not care, hoping to hear a glimpse. This is what I heard amidst the finger pointing: "... making love to you!...." Seriously, that's what she spewed as I went by.

Later in the evening of that same day, we were at a mall. Wolfgang was an exhibitor at a middle school art show there, so we went to play pretend art snobs.

I was loitering and people watching with Magnum at one point, because the kids wanted to go inside the video game store before we left. I don't go inside video game stores unless somehow forced to, thus the loitering.

We were on the upper level, and I just happened to look down to the lower level and caught yet another couple arguing in public.

They were a youngish, cute looking couple. He wore baggy shorts, a football jersey and matching cap. Her clothing was tighter. They kind of looked like candidates for a Who's-the-Daddy episode of the Maury show...... not that I ever, uhm, watch that *ahem*...... She was chewing him out for something, and he was more responsive than the male from PDA couple #1.

I guess they got it straightened out as I saw them later enjoying make up Panda Express together.


terri said...

They say people who don't bottle up their emotions tend to live longer, so I can only guess these people are going to live a long time.

Make up Panda Express... what a great idea!

LauraBelle said...

... so after looking up "Acrimony" yeah, I'm that honest in admitting how bright I am, I recall having done something similiar when I was young ... er ... younger and shudder about it now that I'm old ... er ... older and wiser. Makes me think of clotheslines. Ya know, airing the laundry? Growing up does have it's pluses after all.

Whodat? said...

I predict the relationship is doomed if Makeup Panda Express gets the nod in lieu of Makeup You Know What. Especially when you're young (my age, I understand.....)

Judy said...

Cannot do the Panda, not even as a makeup - that place is expensive!

I'm a stalker for situations like that - makes for good blog-fodder!