Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I needed to defrost the freezer, which meant
I needed to take everything out of the freezer, which meant
I found some things in the freezer I'd forgotten, which meant
It was like a treasure hunt, which meant
I found some treasures.

I found some frozen shrimp.
I found some corn tortillas.
I found some coffee.

A big can of coffee.
From my experimental coffee abstinence program.
I'd put it in the freezer.
To save for after the experiment.
Except the experiment went on for so long,
I forgot about the big can of coffee,
Until I needed to defrost the freezer.

I needed to defrost the freezer, which meant
I made coffee in my coffee press, which meant
It was much better coffee than the occassional cup of instant, which meant
I vacuumed,
I dusted,
I biked to the post office,
I did laundry,
I got groceries,
I made a hair appointment for the dog,
I bagged stuff for thrift store pickup,
I planned a lesson,
I balanced the checkbook,
I paid the bills,
I collected fundraiser money,

And I defrosted the freezer. And it was good.


  1. Way to go, Abby! What a productive day!!

  2. Maybe the coffee was calling you from in there!

  3. My kinda stimulus package!

  4. Whoa. Likeyouneedmorestimulationtodotuffaroundthehouse.

    Musta been some good java.

  5. could you send a little this way?

    Also, you have a coffee press that makes you a coffee snob, doesn't it!?

  6. Amazing what a little caffeine can do for you.

  7. Wow. That's like Christmas.

  8. Ahhh, I love days like that. Random constructive things are good!