Thursday, May 28, 2009

off we go!

POOF! School is out for the summer! How/when did that happen??

It seems to always sneak up on me like that. Yes, I have the date in the back of my head. Yes, I start to be aware of the countdown. But then WHAMMO, it still gets me like walking into a wall.

And so it was with yesterday. I scrambled around to get an end-of-year gift for Meego's teacher. THANK YOU!

In the afternoon, I went to Meego's party. It was Hawaiian themed. Nothing like giving a bunch of third graders copious amounts of sugar and then letting them loose with a limbo stick. Meego has a good facial rug burn. Don't ask...

Just prior to that, however, my Thunderbirds paid a final visit. Chaco was home early as I guess the high school couldn't wait until the usual end of the day to get rid of those students. He and I went out back to watch the festivities from the cheap seats and I got a few pics. I... uhm... *ahem*... purposely took bad quality pictures just so you'd know I took them and didn't just scarf them from the internet...

It was a beautiful day for their visit. All of the senior Air Force cadets along with what's-his-face Joe Biden have me to thank for the show.

Please pass the barf bag... or two...

So it was a good day. Busy, but fun. Now we've got the whole summer ahead of us. We'll maybe probably do something festive to celebrate (per Brandy's suggestion regarding my missing Wolfgang's continuation thing...).

I think we'll pass on the limbo stick, though.



  1. so what you doing with the kids in the summer? I reccommend sending them to work in a peruvian sweat shop. I will make them appreciate the life they have here, and will be eager for school next year.

    Although I am new to this parenting stuff.

  2. Your kids are out already? Mine still have a few days left. Jake graduates Wednesday. Kacey goes through the 9th (I think.) I can't wait for them to be out of school!

    Great pics. Love the barf-bag reference!

  3. Here, since we homeschool, everyone celebrates the first day of school. It is when the homeschool parents and kids get the town to themselves. The last day of school means that everythign gets crowded again.

    And...those specific jets are indeed the loudest. We live VERY close to an air station and we jet used to that year-round.

  4. wow - your schools let out EARLY!

  5. YAY for summer! We're there, too! Hooray!

    Of course, I'll probably sing a different tune in a few weeks - or days - or hours...

  6. I've been seeing the T-Birds for the last 20 years and I am still awestruck.

  7. I had one officially out for the summer on Thursday and the other on Friday. Summer has arrived. I just really hope that I can stick to my guns about not letting them hang around here and be lazy since I'm stuck back here in the back room working.

  8. And let the summer games begin!
    Got any plans to keep them occupied/busy/out of your hair? Mowing yards? Walking dog? Sweat shop (I like Duble's idea).