Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I really don't follow sports much. There are a few things I enjoy watching just for the spectacle of them. I will say that pro beach volleyball is NOT one of them.

Anyway, so I like to watch horse racing. All that grace, power, beauty, strength, and mud. And it's over quickly too so as to not use up much of my precious time.

On Saturday, I turned on the Kentucky Derby coverage. I was ironing. Yes, I iron.

TWO HOURS of Kentucky Derby coverage for a TWO MINUTE horse race. It was nauseating. The final straw was when they went hat shopping with Paris Hilton. That did it. I shut it off and never saw the actual race. Not until Youtubing it the next day anyway. Thank goodness for Youtube.

Mine That Bird blew them away. I so don't understand that name, but so it goes with racehorses. That was a sweet move on the homestretch. "He's" a gelding too.

Which makes me wonder. What becomes of gelding racehorses upon retirement?


terri said...

Glue factory?

I iron too. Every day. Someone recently expressed extremely amused disbelief that people still perform this chore.

Judy said...

Your post was the first time I'd seen the KD this year. Thanks for posting it!

agg79 said...

Gelding? After his big win, I'm betting his owner wishes that little decision back. Thanks for keeping an eye on the ponies & Paris for us. Was waiting on pins & needles to see what she would wear....not.

Way too much hoopla/buildup for a single race.

brandy101 said...

I rarely iron. Or dust.

But I sweep, fold laundry, and vacuum many if not every day of the week.

We live near a large, internationally known racetrack. 2 summers ago I thought it would be neat to check out the races live in person. It really made me depressed and I have not gone back since.