Saturday, February 14, 2009

Silver Lining Saturday, part XXVI

And a fine week it's been too!

It started off Monday with this nasty wind a-blowin'. Like 60 - 70 mph. It took out a portion of our backyard fence. There are actually a few silver linings to that. Firstly, some people lost entire fences, some people had trees fall over, some people had trees fall over... onto their cars. So I'm thankful that we people just lost a 12 foot or so portion of fence. The other thing to be thankful for here is that it was part of the fence that is the boundary between our back yard and the good neighbor's back yard, so she's going halvesies with us on the repair. Had it been the fence on the other side - the boundary with the weird neighbors - I'm pretty sure we'd just be fixing it ourselves.

I mentioned last week that our dog tested positive for heartworm. She's started treatment for it this week which involves a lot of her just laying around and doing nothing. She seems to like laying around and doing nothing. I'm thankful that she was already crate trained. In fact, she seems to love that crate so much, it almost makes me want to get one for myself.

I attended a seminar for work this week. It's mandatory to attend two of these seminars this month, so I went somewhat out of obligation and hoping that I might actually learn something too. It actually exceeded my expectations, lead by one of our "Master Teachers". Now I know why he has that title, and I'm looking forward to the next seminar I must obligingly attend.

Driving home from the aforementioned seminar (there's about 55 miles of highway between my home and the Mother Ship), I ran into a snowstorm. I'm thankful we just had that All Wheel Drive Subaru tuned up.

I went to Meego's Valentine's Day party yesterday at school. There's this one mom in the classroom that just loves doing all of the party prep, all us other moms have to do is show up. I showed up. I put some frosting on some cookies. I helped clean up. I'm done.

On that note, Happy Valentine's Day everybody. Magnum reminded me that our first date was freakin' 21 years ago on this date! Geez, that's a long time! There's really no significance to the fact that it was on Valentine's day. He was in the army reserves, I worked retail, we were both in college - it just happened to be the first day that we had a few free hours in our schedules. I remember a guy at work asking me if I had a "hot" date and my replying, "eh, tepid".

21 years later...


terri said...

I'd say you lucked out with the fence, for sure! Glad there wasn't more damage.

I'm impressed Magnum remembers the anniversary of your first date!

LauraBelle said...

Yepper ... you DO have much to be thankful for! How so much more blessed we are than many when you think about it ... have a super Sunday ... and no dribbles on the front of your shirt.

Duble said...

tepid is better no chance of flaming out that way!!!

Also, where you in the big city for this seminar or was it the other way towards trannytown or where ever your from.

Judy said...

Aw, first date on Valentine's Day! Scott proposed on Valentine's Day 1992...such a sweet day. That's also the day I found out I was pregnant with Tyler...I wasn't feeling so sweet that day, lol.

Herb said...

That wind was wild. Crate training is natural to dogs, they do love it. I wouldn't mind a little hidey-hole where no one bothers me.

Beej said...

I don't have a crate for myself. I just use the closet.