Saturday, February 14, 2009

thank you for your participation

Okay, you know how there's that spring fundraiser at the elementary school that, somehow, I am in charge of? And you know how a lot of kids won't do things unless they're given "stuff"?

Yes, Run With Lumber is only a couple of months away. To refresh memories, that's the day when all of the kids at the elementary school, one grade at a time, run around the field outside with the always inspring mascot, Lumber the wolf. It's a pay-per-lap type event which raises money for the PTO. Eight laps to a mile - how many can you do in 25 minutes?

The students usually start out with much enthusiasm only to hit the wall shortly after the start with threats of collapse and vomiting. I'm glad to say that, in all my Run With Lumber years, they've never gone further than mere threats.

Special prizes are awarded the top runners and top money earners per grade, but everyone gets a participation prize. All they have to do is show up. Sometimes, not even that.

And the time has come to choose and purchase this year's participation prizes. We try to keep a variety, so they don't get the same thing every year. And since we buy for the entire school, we like to keep the price down, yet don't want to make it an obvious token piece of junk.

I've narrowed this year's prizes down to three choices. Help me choose, will you?? The pics are from the catalog, but the prize chosen will be in the school's colors and include a paw print and the imprint, "Run With Lumber"

Prize exhibit A: A 3/4" wide, 100% cotton band that can be used as a wristband, hairband, or anklet!

Total cost = $795

Prize exhibit B: A 5" diameter plastic Fun Flyer!

Total cost = $525

Prize exhibit C: Squeeze open Oval Coin Holders!

Total cost = $550

Those are the choices, folks. I've already kicked out the cheesy buttons and refrigerator magnets.

Please vote. Vote often.


Anonymous said...

"Fun fliers" are really projectile weapons and the coin holders remind me of a female body part. I would vote for the more expensive of the three...sorry!

Anonymous said...

There's no topping that kind of rationale.

Anonymous said...

Mmm... I like the frisbee disc things. The sweat bands would probably wind up the bottom of the drawer, and I don't think the kids can have much fun with key chain coin holders.

Judy said...

I like the sweatbands - it is a run after all, right?

agg79 said...

I vote for the wrist bands. Kids can wear them with pride and they won't wind up getting tossed on the roof.

LauraBelle said...

Having kids who've done a couple of these got wrist bands, and my daughter still has hers, wearing it every now and then ... I vote for the bands!

brandy101 said...

definitely the wrist band.

Boys will balk at the coin purse!

Beej said...

Wrist bands definitely. My kids are wild over those things for some reason.

(I know where some Lumber stuffed animals are hidden if you need them)

terri said...

Wrist bands. Definitely.