Saturday, February 7, 2009

Silver Lining Saturday, part XXV

I'm lazing around on my first saturday in a while where I don't have to go to work with an appearance/illusion? of intelligence and clarity and competence. Actually, I'd gotten used to those Saturday morning classes and am kinda missing it, but I'm sure it will pass.

It's been another banner week for thankfuldom. Let's hit it.

I was feeling quite productive this week, and as I sit here I can see the "to do" list I'd made at the start of the week, now with a bunch of lines scratched through a bunch of the to-do's. So much fun scratching those lines.

Yes, my bicycle is out of the shop, and the weather has been very accomodating to get me going on abusing it once again. NO! I will do better with the maintenance from now on. See, I bought the bike from a shop that was very close to my house, making the maintenance visits very convenient... then the store moved! How rude! BUT, this week, I found a very enjoyable bicycling route to get to the new location from my house. This goes along with my New Year's resolution to go outside of my comfort zone more often, as I had to venture somewhat into the unknown to find this route. It paid off!

On the maintenance note, we decided to keep our current car for the long haul, which prompted me to get it in for a good tune up. It purrs like a kitten now.

The bicycle maintenance shop people and the automotive shop people seem to really like me these days.

I try to think of it as doing our part in stimulating the economy.

I even took the dog in for maintenance, for her annual checkup. CRAP! She has heartworm! Very rare thing in these parts, but somehow she managed. The silver lining to that is, it looks like we caught it relatively early, making the treatment for it not as bad as if we'd caught it later on. She's also now a bit of a celebrity at the vet's, having contracted this rare thing. Yet another reason to dislike mosquitoes.

Wolfgang has gotten and kept his grades up after having a bit of trouble with that last year *a-HEM*. With that, Mr. Extracurricular has been cleared by Magnum and me to play basketball with the middle school program, which meant I had to also take HIM for a physical. Everything checked out fine, but it looks like he may be due for a new eyeglass prescription. Back to the one-family economic stimulation package.

There's more, of course, but I think I'll stop there. Before we're broke.


Judy said...

Yep, looking pretty productive to me...when you're done, you can come over here - I have lots that can keep you productive!

terri said...

Seems like we're swapping weather. You've got snow in the forecast and everything is melting here.

Heartworm! I've never actually known a dog to contract it. I thought it was just a scam to get everyone to pay for all those preventative measures.

Good job, Wolfgang! Wish my kids still played basketball. I love to watch a good game of school basketball.

brandy101 said...

Oh no, poor China! Well thankfully these days the heartworm is curable.

Our new dog...she is certainly a character.

We also decided to keep our cars going, even though I seriously hate mine and was hoping for something snazzier/safer for my 40th b-day. Oh well; I guess it aint my year.

Beej said...

Dogs down here get heartworm all the time. But we live in the swampy, mosquito infested south. See?

Anonymous said...

Yeah...the cases of heartworm increase as you go to the warmer climates. Odd time of year to contract it though. A couple of pills and it will be over...

Herb said...

Good job finding a new route. Our town is not the most bike-friendly, but there are worse. BTW, does your bike have a name? I had a car named Waltzing Mathilda one time...never mind. Oh, and I took your name in vain as an inspiration.

Whimsical Ranter said...

Productive and thankful...that's two up on me...

Honestly I'm slacking in both lately.