Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I shaved my legs for this

We were in the midst of a road trip, travelling through "the south". Chaco and Wolfgang were just little squirts and Meego was not yet in the picture.

We'd made a stop to stretch our legs, get some food, and clean up the sticky grimy toddlers. As I recall, Wolfgang was the grimier of the two. After lunch, I took him into the restroom and gave him a good scrubdown mini makeover.

The new and shiny clean Wolfgang and I radiated out of that restroom and were met by a largish woman of "the south". She looked down at Wolfgang, and I remember vividly what she said:


I'm pretty sure that translates to: "Well, aren't you an attractive and clean young chap!".

That particular term has found a comfy spot in our household vocabulary, often used as a verb as in: "Better go get 'wainchied', the band concert's in a half an hour". Or in it's original form when, say, the dog returns from the groomers.

So yesterday afternoon, I got a call from the bike shop. My bicycle, after 8 days and 4 hours (but who was counting), was ready to be picked up after it's extreme makeover. I happily journeyed over to pick it up.

The technician went to the back, then wheeled her out. I swear she was prancing, if a bicycle could do such a thing.

All I could think was,


<--- [click the pic for BIG and Wainchie]



Duble said...

I can't figure out Wainchie

I keep reading it a Why ain't she, but that doesn't make sense, where is my handy program to explain terms i need to know?

Abby said...

Jerry - "Well, ain't you..."

LauraBelle said...

Most indobabbly purdee ~ Happy riding!

Judy said...

She fershur is purdy!

brandy101 said...

As Fernando said: You look MAHHHHVELOUS!

terri said...

She's a beaut!

"wainchee"... hehehe!

Anonymous said...

If'n I hollered "Wainchee" to mah wahf, I'm fer sure she'd slap me upside th'head.

agg79 said...
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agg79 said...

Gollee. She sure a purdee little thing.

Beej said...

Sadly, I knew EXACTLY what she meant...but down in these parts, wanchie definitely means something else and it's something we don't call our mama or our sister lessen we wanna get slapped upside the haid.

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Nice bike :D

Wainchied... I'll have to use that...

Whimsical Ranter said...