Monday, February 9, 2009

into the wind

*POOF* it's monday. And it's freakin' WINDY! Meego and I nearly got blown off the face of the earth on our walk to school this morning.

But here I am ready for another week. I'm sure it's tiring to hear more about my bicycle, but she had yet another upgrade on Saturday. All those upgrades from last week brought out other weaknesses. The shiney new chain I got was periodically slipping off the old worn out crank - a rather nerve wracking feeling it was. So now she's got a new crank set. There's hardly anything left of the original Bella!

Anyway, I went for a good ride yesterday to make sure everything is firing as is meant to be, and she's really humming along now. It was a bit chilly - mid 30's, but not bad. As I was out riding, I saw a couple out walking. They were wearing these big parkas and ski masks and ski goggles. I mentioned it later to the family, and we concluded that they were either out robbing 7-11's or they were from some warmer climate place and couldn't take mid 30's.

I'm still kind of curious about them. I mean, it wasn't even snowing yet (that happened later), so why the goggles? They were even more geeky looking than my geeky looking bicycling glasses. By their size and shape, I guessed that one was male and the other female. His 'n' Hers terrorist mask/goggle combos?

Oh well, they probably thought I looked strange. Hopefully they don't blog.


  1. My everyday bike is an overly-heavy (steel frame. UGH!) Schwinn sidewinder mountain bike (kinda slow...) that has touring handles. I bought it new in 1991. Yes, 1991.

    I know bike technology has gotten better. I have had it tuned-up (back in 2003/04 for triathlons in which i looked like a mega-goober on a touring-handled mtn bike! And a S L O W goober, at that!)

    But since I only peddle around my small triangle of a neighborhood for basic errands (drop off drycleaning, shopping at trader joes, barnes & noble, or petsmart)I will only invest in one accessory for the *sidewinder* this year - IF I can find it.

    I have this metal folding basket that is mounted to one side of my mtn rack. I would like to get the same thing to put on the other side, that way I could cart home 2 shopping bags of groceries, etc. (Each basket exactly fits a full brown grocery bag.)

    I am going to start shopping now...we are having a warm streak and I am already thinking of Spring.

  2. ps - after I left that comment, I shooped online and found the matching basket. It should be on its way to me this week...although I know I cannot be riding yet.

  3. I love you glasses. Very stylish! Now the ski mask couple? Would creep me out just a bit.

  4. Ha - your last comment is one that FREQUENTLY goes through my mind...

  5. I'm glad you didn't get blown away. My van caught a gust in the side and I was glad I had both hands on the wheel.

  6. Nice glasses. Looks like you could handle hurricane force winds in that pair.

    Becareful on the new wheels. It's bad enough to have drivers try to run you over without getting blown off the road by the wind.

  7. I really should have gotten a pair of those when i was in college. I could have used them in BG's windy weather.

  8. Very James Bondish...

    Er ah...Normal, Abby Normal...that is ;-)