Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the lost year

I don't remember third grade.

I don't know what's up with that. I remember bits and pieces of the rest of my K-12 life, and I certainly remember the teachers I had, but third grade is a total fog. Like it never happened.

Meego is in third grade now. He and the other third graders at his school did a music program last Friday. Every month or so, the school has a "Pride Assembly" wherein one of the grades or the choir also does a music program. This month was the third grade's turn.

So Magnum and I went, found a spot in the back of the gym and proudly watched as Meego stole the show. Well.... not exactly. Meego's not really the all-eyes-on-me-in-the-center-of-the-ring type. But he did all the Saturday Night Fever moves and moved his mouth as if he were singing most of the time.

And he also got a "Pride Award" during the assembly. Students are picked from each grade during these assemblies to receive these awards for some sort of virtue, and he was one of the recipients. This is the first year he got one without knowing ahead of time. I think the teachers tell the first and second graders just so they know what they're supposed to do when their names are called and don't freak out.

I knew he was getting one, though, as his teacher had tipped me off the day before. It was fun to see the recognition on his face when his name was called and watch him go forward in his cheesy little super hero costume (part of the music program) to get his Pride Pin.

I hope he remembers third grade.


  1. aww. cute!

    How is the doggie doing on her treatment?

    I try to forget 3rd grade as I had a horrible nun that year for a teacher.

  2. He'll remember if you have pictures he can refer to. I'm pretty sure I THINK I remember stuff that I don't actually remember because I've seen the pictures so much.

    That may not make sense, but I know what I'm TRYING to say.

  3. I remember 3rd grade the best, Taht was my favorite year of school

  4. Brandy - So far so good with the heartworm treatment. The dog is on pregnant lady-like bedrest, but she seems to be enjoying that.

    Beej - I'm supposed to take pictures?

  5. Good to "hear" your pup's doing better! I used to be able to recite every teachers name ... not anymore. I do however remember my thrid grade teacher and that she would have us bow our heads and pray for God to open our ears to hear and learn ... imagine that ...

  6. I remember third grade pretty well. Actually, I remember most of the grades pretty well. I'm really curious why you don't remember an entire school year. Did you suffer some kind of trauma? Or maybe it was just that uneventful!

  7. Yay Meego!

    Don't feel badly about not remember the third grade, I don't remember it either.

    Weird huh?

  8. Come to think of it, I don't think that I remember grade three...

    It might have been the year that I first got glasses. But that's about all I recall. Let's hope I didn't learn anything important...

  9. 3rd Grade. Mrs. Trujillo. Dug science. Had a terrarium in the classroom. Cool. And wasps. Scary. There was a poster with the prehistoric periods and dinosaurs. How did the artist know what color they were supposed to be? First time I witnessed the "say something to the first person, he whispers to the second, she whispers to the third, etc and see how different the message becomes" demonstration. Realized the vertical lines in brick walls are not connected and shouldn't be drawn that way. Had to write cursive. All the time. No more printing, people. This is the Majors. No more fat pencils either.

  10. I skipped third grade and never learned to write in cursive. To this day all I can do is sign my name.

  11. How can you NOT remember 3rd grade? Ah, I know - you were huffing the mimeograph papers - that purple ink will do you in.