Tuesday, February 3, 2009

let's hope he doesn't turn emo

I don't know how he does it. Of all the possible combinations (I calculate it to be about 35), Meego manages to pick the ONE shirt/pants combo that Just. Does. Not. Do.

He emerged from his room this morning wearing a bright tie dyed t-shirt and a pair of camo cargo pants... [Take a moment to picture it].... Now, as a mom, I know I must pick my battles. Generally, clothing battles are not worth it. But I couldn't let that one go, especially since he's worn that particular ensemble before with me biting my tongue all the way to school. It's not that he's trying to be particularly CLASH, he just has no fashion sense whatsoever. What. So. Ever.

"Uhm... you should change either your pants or your shirt", I mumbled nonchalantly.

"Why?", he replied cluelessly.

"That outfit is just too..... busy", I clarified elusively

"I can't wear this SHIRT?!", he pried confusingly

"That shirt's fine, just not with THOSE pants", I explained provokingly.

"I can't wear these PANTS?!", he emoted dramatically.

"The PANTS are FINE, just not with THAT SHIRT.", I expounded frustratingly.

(conversation continues a bit longer with similar abrasive befuddlement)

In the end, Meego gave in. Left in a huff and re-emerged from the room having changed the pants to a pair of solid grey cargo pants. Much better.

Except they're too short.

I kept that to myself.


terri said...

Been there... except mine went through a phase of wearing only plain white t-shirts. Day in and day out... plain white t-shirts. I finally told him people would think he never changed his clothes and he's allowed some color to enter the wardrobe.

Freak Magnet said...

Good for you, Mom! I would have to comment on those clothing choices as well. Boys don't always seem to have the best sense with clothing. Have no fear - he's young and shapeable! LOL

agg79 said...

Tie-dyed shirt and camo pants?
You make that sound like it's a bad thing...

You can teach your children a lot of things in life, but taste is not one of them.

Judy said...

We're in a state of man-pri-ness around here - darn growth spurts.

Thankfully, Travis is still letting me pick his clothes for him...although I know my time is almost up on that one.

Duble said...

My wife recently threw away my favorite pair of cut off camo cargo shorts. But I cut them off below the knee so they were more like cut off camo knickers.

I don't have any tie dye, but i am pretty sure camo is like jeans, it goes with everything and for every reason.

Goes by the name of Anna said...

This conversation sounds like it could have been conducted between me and my younger brother. Or many people I know, come to think of it...

Whimsical Ranter said...

I think he and Fredo were separated at birth...bawahahhahhahaaa

He wore a shirt to school the other day that could qualify as a dress (it was his older brother's shirt) and saw nothing wrong. ugh