Sunday, February 1, 2009

Silver Lining S-day, part XXIV

I didn't get my silver lining "saturday" entry yesterday, so I'll just call it "S-day". I was working. Then I was playing. No blogging.

The LSAT class has come to a satisfying finish, and I may have gotten a GMAT student out of it. Gotta love those high achieving goal-oriented types.

The minor foot injury I've been nursing is well on the mend.

Meego's Science Fair project has been completed and turned in. The actual science fair display day is in a couple of weeks, which means we will be able to soon toss out the stinky mold that is growing and thriving in the sun room.

I found no flea poop on the cat. I guess he's just weird.

My bicycle was in bad shape, and yes, had more issues than I should've let happen, but she'll be bionic when I get her back next week!

I had a couple of errands to run yesterday and Chaco was nice enough to loan me his bicycle. It's a bit bigger and more rugged than my sweet commuter, but it was a glorious bike ride and Chaco knows the hand that feeds him.


terri said...

I still can't get over the fact that you're able to ride bikes this time of year. Isn't great when your kids get big enough that you can share their stuff?

agg79 said...

Just wait until Chaco starts borrowing your wheels.

Duble said...

I got a 660 on the gmat.

To tutor for that you just need to not be dumb.

I did review all the geometry i could get my hands on though, and that was most helpful