Saturday, December 6, 2008

Silver Lining Saturday, part XVI

The first week of the last month of this year. I think I made some "resolutions" last year, but I have no idea what they were. Since I deleted that other blog, I can't even go check my archives, so I guess I'm off the hook!

Which leads me to another episode of Silver Lining Saturday!

The week started off with a bang in the form of a major snowstorm - unforecasted by the way - on Sunday. It made me thankful that we weren't part of the mass of Thanksgiving travellers, but it was also the first real snow storm of the season and a little late in coming. I went running/mushing/whatever you'd call it through it in the morning, like Susan Butcher without the dogs! Later that day, we all went out and frolicked as it continued to come down - romping around with the dog while the kids thrashed about on the nearby black diamond sled hill. To top it off, the kids had a delayed start to school the next morning.

I'm thankful for the people around our neighborhood that are so organized and have their Christmas decorations up. Really makes the streets pretty and festive at night. We are total slackers in that area, along with the whole Christmas cards and gifts thing, but I can still look at and appreciate the pretty lights.

I finished up a round of tutor sessions with another student this week. He's a nice kid and seemed noticeably more confident than when I first met him. He should be taking his SAT as I write, and I think he'll do fine. My other current students are making nice progress, too, and I'm thankful to be doing something useful... I think.

And I'm thankful for friends and that whole give and take that goes along with friendships. Sometimes we're the shoulder, sometimes we're the crier. It would suck to be stranded and alone on an island.

And remember that new furnace we got? The local utilities company gave us a rebate for being so efficient! Employee discount + Utilities rebate and the furnace was practically FREE! Well.... not hardly, but every little bit helps.

Oh, and we won the office football pool again. We can practically buy another furnace! Well, not hardly....

And despite our ups and downs, I am thankful for the milkman. I will do better in making my needs known from here on out, and now we've got some new cheese to try out. On that note, I'm also thankful for the local grocery store and it's well stocked egg selection.


terri said...

Glad you enjoyed the snow. We got a bunch yesterday and overnight. Thought about running in it. Didn't look like I was gonna get far so I took a pass today. We're Christmas slackers here too. Hanging outdoor lights is not a battle I want to fight.

Judy said...

You get snow? You don't have to buy it at the store, camoflauged as glittery stuff? And its cold?


Beej said...

What is snow?

Also, my tree isn't up and I can't imagine how that's gonna happen. I'm so not ready to pull all those boxes out and make that big mess...but how can I NOT?

LauraBelle said...

We've come up with a new system. We go away in the motorhome on major holidays! Thanksgiving = the lake. Christmas = Pismo Beach. The park we stay at has a clubhouse and we'll sign up and do the potluck, which is hugely awesome since the park is packed with grandparents-kids & grandkids. All sorts of fun things to do, a short walk to the beach & pier and downtown fun ...

The weather will be probably in the mid 60's plus we get the sounds and scents of the ocean. The kids LOVE it ... and, no pulling out all those boxes and puttin up lights all over the house, just a few lil things in the RV ... ahhh ... my new found lifestyle a celebratin' in the rig ... ho, ho, ho!

Duble said...

there might be a energy credit for the furnace too, but i don't think so, but look into it.

Nice reference to susan butcher, how many people who her?

Help kids with the SAT, don't most kids in CO take the ACT, I thought that but I could be wrong, who knows?

Is this series a reason to flaunt your knowledge of Roman Numerals, and will Silver Lining XL be a really really long one?

Adam said...

Hey, now. I LIKE this series, Dub.
Thank goodness you got the milkman issue straightened out :P Told ya you gotta tell him.

Whimsical Ranter said...

Good for're still being thankful!

Honestly, you amaze me.