Tuesday, December 9, 2008

those two little important words

S N O W D A Y!!!

Yep, got us a full blown snow day today. For me, it WAS going to be a day of errands and general catch up, but I suppose that will have to wait, what with the kids all hanging around. It's like summertime, only colder and snowier, and more treacherous to drive in.

And that's okay. This is our first full snow day of the school year. We had a delayed start last week, but that was just the precursor. The "School's Closed" days are the ones that really test a mom's mettle!

No problems here, though. We'll romp a bit in the snow, I'll put them to work, then I'll regurgitate something for them later.

Wish you were here!


Whimsical Ranter said...

We might get our first snow later this week....I'm so not looking forward to it. A snowflake is spotted, everything shuts down, and people flee.

It's really a pain.

Anonymous said...

WIsh I was there, too! Loooovvvve snow days.

brandy101 said...

We NEVER get snow days around here, it seems. The school district is hardcore about not calling off; last year we had 10 inchens over night and they STILL went to school! I saw a car flip over the median WHILE WAITING AT THE BUS STOP, that is how bad the roads were that day. And of course you know they went on an ice-covered road a bit ago and the bus got into a minor accident. Ugh.

Judy said...

Girl, our town would go on a mass-freakout if we had something like a snow day! Everyone gets all antsy when the temps dip below 40 (which they will this week).

terri said...

We're getting hit with bursts of snow throughout the week. Not enough at any one time to shut things down.

Beej said...

I repeat...what is snow?

It was 72 degrees yesterday. I didn't even wear long sleeves.

Duble said...

technically snowday is one word. At least in Jerry's land of universal grammatical decision make, where what i say it the law.

So what is the other word?

Freak Magnet said...

I want some!!!! I love snow. We get WAY to little of that around here. We're supposed to get a chance of a little snow this weekend and I have everything crossed, hoping!!!