Friday, December 5, 2008

problems with communication

Well, you know my guy on the side? The milkman?

Yeah, he comes around to service me once a week, and I sooooo look forward to it. And this week especially, I was really waiting in anticipation for him because the weather is cold and a little dangerous, y'know? That danger factor really gets me in an "appreciative" mood, yeah?

Yesterday, it snowed all day, and by nighttime it was really cold and the roads were quite precarious. But I knew my milkman was coming. He never fails me.

This morning, while it was still dark and bitterly cold, I went to "our place". I reached out for him. I reached into "our special box" for my milk and egg treasures, drooling with desire. I found his large familiar jug of milk, just like always, but then... but then...

CHEESE?!?! What's with this freakin' block of cheese?!? And where's my eggs?!?!?

I took out my order form and, holy cheddar, I'd checked the cheese box and not the egg box! The cheese row is right underneath the egg row, it's a conspiracy!!

So, bottom line, even though I ALWAYS get the milk and eggs, he brought me milk and cheese because that's what my order form said! Shouldn't he know by now, after all this time together? I want his eggs, not his cheese?

He delivered what I said I wanted, not what I actually wanted.



Duble said...

Variety is the spice of life.

On the other hand, men are better of not trying to figure out what women want, just do as your told.

yes we are that stupid.

Whodat? said...

Imagine the TROUBLE he'd been in had he left eggs on the ASSUMPTION you checked the wrong box -- but you DIDN'T, and actually WANTED the cheese.

He took the path of least risk. He's no dummy milkman. But he coulda left a love note and scored lotsa points....

Beej said...

Hey...don't be knockin' cheese. Cheese has made me what I am today (a little overweight with an extra large hiney).

agg79 said...

Hey, he delivered what you ordered.

We have enough problems trying to read what you want.

terri said...

I'm SURE he will make it up to you next week *wink*wink*

LauraBelle said...

Is this post the 'whine' that goes with said cheese? *snickers*

Adam said...

Hey now. Some of you ladies are just as bad. There's one girl I happened to like but as it turns out she was something of an attention whore and just leading me on.

I in some sense agree with Duble.

And beej? I'm sure your hiney is fine. lol

Judy said...

I have the same complaint here - why can't he just read my mind???

My husband, though - not the milkman. I'd probably trade my Mexico-for-Christmas vacation for a milkman, order right or not!

Whimsical Ranter said...

ahhhh men.