Monday, December 15, 2008


It's fweezing cold outside. No, that's not a typo. That's how freezing is said and spelled when it's that cold.

I just crunched Meego up to school - that's walking in fweezing cold snow - then made the return trek home. My glasses immediately fogged up to epic proportions when I walked back into the house.

The weekend was good, though, and I've got lots to do today.
  • Order those Christmas gifts so they get here in time.
  • Write out some Christmas cards, already!
  • Meet with a tutor student this afternoon.
  • Prepare my lesson for this afternoon's tutor student.
  • Put a bunch of heavy stuff in the back of the van to increase traction.
  • Make sure the van will start.
  • Get a gift for Meego's teacher.
I just remembered that I need to get a gift for Meego's teacher. I usually try to get them something perishable because I figure they get their fill of coffee mugs, candles, etc. I usually go for stuff like hand lotion or pretty paper - stuff that will get used up.

I was actually at the mall on Saturday. Wolfgang had a birthday party to go to yesterday and needed a gift. We looked around and he found all kinds of stuff for HIMSELF. Dropped enough hints anyway. Maybe that was the plan the whole time. He did talk me into splitting a mango slushie with boba with him from Vina Bubble Tea. Never had one before. Next time I will forego the boba. Slimy and look like deer poop. I don't care if it's all natural. So is deer poop.

Anyway, that is all. There's really no point to this entry.


Adam said...

I'm not one for glasses in the snow either.

Beej said...

I get teachers gift cards to the coffee shop. Just sayin'. It's easy and usually pretty well appreciated.

Never had bubble tea but have heard tons about it and want to try it! Isn't it just tapioca balls in the bottom?

Beej said...

Okay, so I clicked the link AFTER I commented.

Correct as usual is what I am.

Judy said...

Yikes - your list hits on my stress level! I always feel like I'm forgetting someone on my Christmas list, only to realize around, oh, the 26th, that it was Grandma or my boss or something.

Anonymous said...

So...I have vowed never to consume ANYTHING that resembles deer poop in ANY WAY. I will add boba to that list.

LauraBelle said...

Good heavens ... I've had moose poop in Alaska ... crunchy. I need to get my cards in the mail TOMORROW for sure ... we're headed to Pismo Sat. and I've got tons to do. I will miss my computer. I'll check you out after we get home next year. (wow, that felt funny to write!) Take care & God Bless you!!

terri said...

Boba? Never heard of it. Of course if it doesn't contain sodium, fat and chocolate, it's probably foreign to my taste buds.

Freak Magnet said...

I gotta say with these frigid temps, i could totally relate to making sure my SUV would start! I keep shaking my head.. Is this Minnesota, or what? Sheessh! It's colder than a witch's boobie in a brass bra in International Falls here!