Sunday, December 14, 2008

going polar

I was running earlier today. On my treadmill. I normally would've been running outside, but because of various weather conditions including but not limited to ice, below-zero windchill, blowing snow, and erratic traffic, I decided to confine my run to the treadmill. It's just an expensive hamster wheel, really.

But I did open the window in the room to make it more outdoorsy-like.

It was a good run, but not quite a good enough fix for my usual outdoor jaunt, so I decided to hook up the dog and force her to go for a walk this afternoon. Cold weather turns her into a wimpy house dog, and this must be stopped.

We had a marvelous time, actually. The wind had died down and it was, by then, a whopping 18 degrees F. At one point, I reached up to push my glasses up my nose a bit, as they had slipped some. A total nerd gesture on my part, yes, but a necessary one. As I did so, I bumped my nose with my thickly gloved hand and noticed that I didn't feel it on my nose at all. The entire face was totally numb. I did a quick assessment and at least determined that I didn't have a frozen booger mustache that I was unaware of. I think one has to have an actual hair mustache for one of those to form.

China and I returned to the warm house, only to have her make a bee-line in the door. If I thought she was becoming a wimpy housedog before, our arctic trek probably pushed her that much further over the edge.

And yeah, she had a bit of a booger mustache going on.


terri said...

Yeah, it's hard to have a booger moustache when you don't have a hair moustache. BUT... you can get snotsicles!

agg79 said...

Hey, at least you can run with your dog. Mine wants to stop at every tree, bush, rock, mailbox, tire, curb, clump of grass. Really messes up your time.

Judy said...

Better to go polar than bipolar, I suppose...although that cold could push you over the edge...