Saturday, November 8, 2008

Silver Lining Saturday part XII

Welcome to another fun-filled episode of Silver Lining Saturday!

In case anyone failed to notice, this week featured election day. Things pretty much turned out the way I expected they would. Note the non-provocativeness of that statement, non-confrontationalist that I am. I am thankful that the campaigning is over. This battleground state business is the pits, I look forward to no more mud spewing from my TV/ radio/telephone/mailbox.

On that note, I'm thankful that the election day bake sale was a fun success. It was nice to have the election to give us an excuse to have one. I enjoyed working with some of the other cool moms, and I wasn't stuck working a shift with any weird moms (you know they exist). Our intent was to not only raise some cash for the school, but also to be a "friendly neighborhood presence" as one PTO maniac put it. I think we accomplished both. It was cool to have some of the older voters stop by for some baked goods and comment on how they remember serving on the PTO and doing the bakes sales and stuff at the school many years ago. Some people bought whole armfuls of stuff to take back to the office. Others put money in the jar without taking even one cookie.

Work is busy and that's good. I remember the managers telling us teachers that people often decide to go back to school when the economy's bad, and that is certainly proving true in my schedule in the form of an increased number of GMAT students. I won't say that I'm thankful for the poor economy, but I'm thankful for the work.

Along with that, I'm thankful that the kids are being responsible at home during those windows of time that both Magnum and I are at work. Chaco and Wolfgang pick Meego up from school on some days, and they even remember to check that he has everything - which he hardly ever does - and go back to retrieve the necessary item(s) when he doesn't. Something I often forget to do when I have Meego pick-up duty.

I went for a run this morning, and it was perfect outside for such a thing. With the change in the clocks last week, I could actually see where I was going. And, as I ran by the local gas station, I noticed that gas is now at $2.03/gal. What??


Judy said...

We're down to $1.98 here. I'm sooooo not complaining.

terri said...

Responsible kids are SUCH a gift. Mine are capable of being responsible. As long as I leave them a not reminding them of their responsibilities.

Glad to hear work is busy! You're in the right line of work for the current economy!

Beej said...

Sometimes I fear that I'm one of those weird moms, but I comfort myself in thinking that if I fear it, it's probably a pretty good sign that I'm not. I don't think I'll ask around to find out though.

brandy101 said...

*PTO Maniac*


Herb said...

It is nice to have responsible kids. I like the Saturday Sliver Lining idea. With Givethanksing Day coming up, maybe I should abscond with that idea, too.

Whimsical Ranter said...

Great thankful things to be thankful for or about? Anyway...I think what struck me was the one about your kids..Very cool kiddos you have there Abby. Very cool.