Friday, November 7, 2008

nothing of particular substance

*sigh of relaxation*

Just felt a need to sit here and update, even though there's really nothing to update about. The whole work thing and being head of a household thing are putting a cramp my blog time.

The weekend has now begun, and I'm contemplating different things:

Computer geek son Chaco has one of his computer geek friends over. They're doing fun creative things on their respective laptops. Whatever happened to getting together with friends and wreaking havoc down at the local playground or something? By the way, don't tell them that I have no idea what they're talking about.

A friend of mine, who is going through a divorce, is going on a date to a hockey game tonight. She gets really loud at hockey games and nearly got kicked out of one once. I hope she doesn't scare her date away, but I won't be surprised if she does.

As for me, I will be hanging out at home watching a Family Movie. Someone was asking me about running earlier this week. How far do I run? Why? Those familiar questions. I think I figured out that I like to run because I don't go out and scream at hockey games, I don't go out and party and dance all night. Gotta do sump'n. Gotta.

It's nice to go out and see that most of the political signs have been removed. As for the ones that are still up.... HEY! PEOPLE!! COME GET YOUR STINKIN' SIGNS!!

Aaaaaah, that's better.


Jen said...

I haven't seen a single political sign come down around here yet. Wish they would. Until then, I'll continue to let the dog pee on them.

Judy said...

We still have oodles of political signs up. I'm wondering how they'll blend with the Christmas decor. Oh wait, that's still up from last year...

terri said...

If kids realized how clueless we are sometimes, we'd be in BIG trouble. HUGE!

Rolling said...

An Allocation of Pity had me in splits :)

I wonder at how you and so many others on Terri's list of blogmates turn simple things of life into such amazing photomoments that stays wth you and makes u smile whn u remember bits and pieces evn while doing some boring chore(like peelng vegetables) I hate that!

It wd have been nice if you had showed these signs u talk abt here? A photo maybe, for overseas folks who read you?

Herb said...

The signs are supposed to come down within a certain amount of time or it will be a code enforcement thing. I'm not gonna miss 'em either.

Whimsical Ranter said...

She almost got kicked out of a Hockey game for being too loud?????

Wow....I mean really wow.