Tuesday, November 11, 2008

now let's not get carried away

It was a fine weekend here. On Saturday, we felt the need to go outside and play.

After much deliberation and compromise and a bit of whining, we settled that we would go to a popular local park with the mouthful name of "America the Beautiful Park". I was not on the committee that chose the name of that park. I expect that lots of taxpayer dollars were spent on consultants to come up with the name "America the Beautiful Park", but I've always found the name "America the Beautiful Park" a bit cumbersome.

Where should we go? Let's go to a park. Okay, which park do you want to go to? How about America the Beautiful Park? Okay, America the Beautiful Park is a nice park, let's go to America the Beautiful Park. Anyone else want to go to America the Beautiful Park? Yeah, we want to go to America the Beautiful Park too. Okay then! Let's go to America the Beautiful Park!

So it was decided. We loaded up Econoline the Beautiful Van with various America the Beautiful Park things like Trek the Beautiful Bike and Razor the Beautiful Scooter and In-Line the Beautiful Skates. Oh, and don't forget Wham-O the Beautiful Frisbee.

It was an America the Beautiful Afternoon. America the Beautiful Park has lots of wide open space to America the Beautiful frolic. The kids all rolled around on their various America the Beautiful Vehicles while Magnum and I tossed around Wham-O the Beautiful Frisbee. Three college aged looking America the Beautiful People joined us on the field to play some America the Beautiful Soccer.

There was an Air Force game just starting not too far away, so we were often buzzed by various America the Beautiful Fighter Jets. So just a nice America the Beautiful Day experience all around. America the Beautiful Kids were playing on the America the Beautiful Playground, America the Beautiful Dog Walkers were romping around the America the Beautiful Pathways.

I understand that America the Beautiful Park's name was derived from the America the Beautiful Song that Katharine Lee Bates wrote while overcome with America the Beautiful Emotion during a trip to the top of Pikes Peak. So thank you, Kathy, for that.

Oh well, I doubt the name will change. Unless some aliens decide otherwise.


Beej said...

Wow, it does look like prime real estate for an alien invasion. But beautiful...yes!

I don't guess it's the same Kathy Bates that broke that author's leg so he'd have to stay in her house was it? Wait...I might be mixed up.

LauraBelle said...

Well, my spacious hips, amber eyes, purple vein legs, fruitcake brain, and alabaster skin graciously proclaim through my beautiful majestic patriotic dreams that America's cities will continue to gleam and be blessed well beyond my years.

Duble said...

Your right that is just stupid. not as stupid as someone using Your for you're but none the less, all the good parks have short names.

Central, Yellowstone, Zions, Everglades.

Everyone knows these. How many people know the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument?

In my opinion the longer the name the more it says your trying to cover for something.

Abby said...


no, I think this is the Kathy Lee that used to be on TV with Regis. Then her husband had an affair. Was all over the tabloids.

terri said...

I have nothing witty to add here, mainly because I am not that witty and also because I can't stop laughing.

And then Beej had to mention Delores Claiborne breaking James Caan's legs and I lost all hope of saying anything clever.

Judy said...

Wow, did you happen to go to America the Beautiful park? I missed that somewhere.

brandy101 said...

LOL: Econoline The Beautiful Van!

Besides my big blue GMC road-trip machine, did you know we have an 84 Econoline in the garage in Wisconsin?! It has over 200K miles on it, leaks oil a bit, has no airbags (for that matter, except for the driver seat, all seats have lap belts!) and AM radio. And I LOVE it. We call her *Brownie* (because, um, its a brown van!). It was once my father-in-laws and we keep her running partly in homage to his memory. He loved Brownie, too.

Freak Magnet said...

Geez - that really is a mouthful! Glad you had a good time though!

Anonymous said...

love the way you people have fun together wth the family, not common around here for evrybdy to play togthr.r u doing the NaNoWriMo thing too since u write reguarly?

Herb said...

Yeah, some genius thought that would be a good name for it when they could have named it after me.

Whimsical Ranter said...

It sounds like an America the Beautiful time was was had by all.

everyone blames the aliens for everything. A little blinking light in the sky it must be aliens, a shooting star suddenly stops and changes direction, oh it must be aliens.

Now if you'll excuse me I have some crop circles to make.