Wednesday, November 12, 2008


When my kids were babies, or even before they were born, I wondered paranoidly about their personalities. I mean, what would a half-Abby half-Magnum baby turn out like?! Yikes!

Turns out our 3 kids have all turned out, so far, like… well… themselves. All unique. Some things in common with each other, some things at polar opposites.

I probably wondered most about Chaco since he was our first. I kind of pictured this Jimmy Neutron type kid, with the lab in the basement, blowing things up. And, well, it seems that the prophecy has been fulfilled.

He’s a good kid and a bit of a science geek. He managed to land himself in high school physics this, his freshman year. Recently, he was given an open-ended assignment to demonstrate his knowledge of Newton’s 3 laws of motion.

The project states: “Your project may consist of any approach that is appropriate and meets the criteria in the grading rubric”. Then it goes on to list a few suggestions: “Short story, Music or song lyrics, Video or film, Drama performance, Art illustration,” etc…

So Chaco chose to create a graphics video. It’s like a hobby to him anyway. Homework that was fun?! What more could a geek freshman ask for!? I know I’m a little biased, but I thought it turned out quite well, considering what was asked of him. So I unashamedly present Chaco’s Newton’s Laws of Motion:

I will admit that, during the time that he was working on the project, if he acted up, the threat of taking his laptop away was veeeerrrrrryyyy effective. I took advantage of the fact that he didn't have to make a computerized video, and if he was unable to finish this project on the laptop, he would have to resort to "Plan B" of my choice.

I chose that he do an interpretive dance.

Thank God and Isaac Newton that it never came to that.


Mr. Buddha Magoo said...

I think you should be very proud. If he doesn't have a future as the next Stephen Hawking, maybe he can get a job with AC/DC producing their music videos.

Judy said...

Has he already turned it in? There's a typo on the screen about Newton's third law - "there" is missing the "e" at the end!

Sorry - teacher in me just picks up on things like that.

terri said...

That is an AWESOME piece of work. And the fact that he added an AC/DC soundtrack proves that he's a very COOL science geek!

Whodat? said...

Impressive! But interpretive dance would have been veeerry entertaining......

BTW,I would have been tempted to illustrate Newton's First Law by showing something just sitting there and left the whole thing at that.

brandy101 said...

lol on the AC/DC soundtrack!

Beej said...

I see that Chaco has somewhat his mother's sense of humor as well? yes. I love a kid that can entertain me. All those other kinds are just...well...uninteresting.

I admit to being a science teacher, but I also admit to hating physics with every fiber of my being. Each and every fiber. All of them.


Good job Chaco!

Duble said...

being somewhat of a science geek, but someone who has alteast learned to pretend to appreciate some of the fine arts, I am eagrly awaiting, the interpretive dance of newton's laws.

Herb said...

That was a good job. Ummm, on the dance thing, he might have decided he needed a partner, MOM. lol.

Whimsical Ranter said...

Okay, I've got to say this...your kid is very cool!

Not only for explaining Newton's Laws of Motion, but he used an awesome soundtrack.

I'd have my son watch it (the older one) but I'd only become depressed when I'd eventually ask (he'd totally get all the physics stuff), what group did the song in the soundtrack??