Wednesday, September 24, 2008

not just a fantasy

Since Beej asked:

I only saw him once.

And it was dark. He was in silhouette, and I'm pretty sure he didn't see me. He must've been running late that morning because he usually arrives around 1 a.m. I know. I sometimes hear him.

I hear his manly milk truck coming up the street. I hear him bumping and grinding around the cooler I've placed just so. Then, he's back in the truck to satisfy his other customers in the night.

Yes, though, I did actually see him once. The house was dark, but I was up and spied the event through the window right near the front door.

The truck sat mysteriously in front of the house, but soon enough, a stealth figure emerged. He was dressed all in black.... then again, it was dark out. Okay, I have no idea what he was wearing. Clothes.

Anyway, a stealth figure emerged. Well... stealth except he was in this noisy truck and was wearing a big light on his forehead. Okay, he wasn't very stealth as he approached the house, kind of jogging, his headlight beam bouncing.

He bent nurturingly toward the special cooler. I heard him remove the empties, and ever so carefully, replace them with fresh milk and eggs. Okay, it wasn't done that carefully, rather thuddingly, but he got 'er done. Yes, he brings me eggs too.

And just like that, he was gone. Gone back into his manly truck, back into the night. I reached out and grasped the fresh jug, still sweating with condensation, knowing that the milk man would return to me yet again.

Yes, Beej, there is a milkman (but not for Jerry).


LauraBelle said...

We don't have a milkman, but we do have the Schwans truck that delivers yummy foodstuff! The truck even goes to the place where my hubby works when they collect orders from different people in the shop!

Judy said...

We have Schwans, too, but I totally pissed them off about 5 years ago and will never do business with them (and let me just say THEY PISSED ME OFF FIRST!).

I would *love* to have a milkman, though - that's like a fantasy land for me.

Beej said...

Sounds like a suspicious character to me. You could set some kind of trap and get a good look at him.

In fact...

I think you should. For your own safety of course.

terri said...

I wish my milkman were like yours. Mine comes just after 6 am and I have to wait for him before I can leave for work. But he DOES put the stuff right in the frige so I can't complain.

Static Brain said...

I am envious. I haven't seen a milkman since I was a little kid. Fresh milk? I envy you.

Whimsical Ranter said...

Wow....I'm jealous. I would gladly pay for a milk man to come and service ah my extensive milk needs.