Monday, September 22, 2008

baby steps

I went to Whole Foods today. I was unaware that it was Cute Baby Day there. Sheesh, I was like the only female shopper there without a cute baby!

Anyone else ever notice that, sometimes, there seems to be a theme at the grocery store? Sometimes it's White Trash Family night. Other times it's Gay Couples Day (not that there's anything wrong with that). Then there's Screaming Children Afternoon. Emo Evening, whoooooh, I don't like Emo Evening.

But today was definitely Cute Baby Day. It started out in produce, then the bakery, then onto dairy - specifically the yogurt shelf. They were everywhere!

And it's nice to see cute babies during the normal course of the day. Nice to see them with their moms out getting healthy foods like from Whole Foods. I don't shop there on a regular regular basis, but there are some things I get there that I just won't settle for from some place else.

Today it was milk, mainly. Shhhhhh! Don't tell the milkman I'm cheating on him! Don't get me wrong, his milk is still goooood, it's just not enough to satisfy me for a whole week until his next visit. So I was at Whole Foods getting some.

And then I saw all these cute babies with their health conscious mothers, and I thought, gee, I should fix something healthy and wholesome for dinner tonight. So I bought one of those cute mini rustic Italian bread loaves, to go along with the Cute Baby Day theme. It's to go with our ravioli dinner.

Okay, so the ravioli is from cans that I got, like, 10 cans for 10 dollars from some other store. But our weird kids LOVE that stuff *gag*. But now we've got the healthy milk and the mini rustic Italian loaf to cancel out the garbage-food-in-a-can.

I really, really intend to get better at this meal planning stuff. This is just a baby step.


terri said...

I'm with you on the meal planning thing. Last night I grilled chicken and made squash, homegrown in our garden.

Tonight... Burger King.

Baby steps here too.

Daveman said...

Ravioli is your friend - especially in a can. You see, cans are cute in a manly sort of way (metal, steel, iron, aluminumum, etc) and of course the ravioli in the can obsorbs the minerals in the metalic container - including potentially lead lined sealer - which as you know leads to a healthy synaptic function in the brain. Makes growing boys cute with their baby bable into their late 80s.

Uhm - what was the question? OH! The question was - when are you going to yeild to the pull of the Farce and return to home? Master Yoyo sez the Farce beckons you back to the Dark Side - Dark Tomater is your father ..., let your anger grow - yes - thats it - the cutness (evil in itself) is effecting you even now... Blog Drive weeps without you. Oh well - it could. You dont know.

Judy said...

Ew, ravioli - yuck-o.

Cute babies? Aw, as long as they are not mine. Not going there again.

Herb said...

I LOVE that Ravioli. Not much of a shopper at the Whole Foods. If you want really good milk, the Farm Crest store has the exact same milk as the milk man. when I can afford it I go there and get the "extra-rich" because it reminds me of the real whole milk back in Wisconsin. I suppose you preach the righteousness of skim milk, but I think it's icky.

brandy101 said...

My husband and child INSIST on only the chewiest of sourdough breads, as accompaniments to meals. I, on the other hand, like a variety: from ciabatta to foccacia to even a *rustic mini loaf*. ;)

Our Whole Foods is not at all far (maybe 3 miles up the road - oddly enough in a shopping center with a Wal-Mart!) but I have a Trader Joes in walking distance so that is my spot for gourmet/organic. And, like you, I mix in the *good* with the less-hipster/wholesome but budget-friendly *other store stuff.*


Jamie said...

Cute baby day?!?!?!?! We NEVER have those at our grocery store. Meal hasn't been a strong point of mine either but I'm working on it....Baby Steps.

Jerry said...

I am pretty sure that your wanting a baby.

First the pregnancy scare and now noticing them everywhere.

Soon enough Chaco will make you a grand parent. Hopefully not on the Jamie lynn or Palin schedule, but soon enough anyway.

Beej said...

You have a milk man? For real?

Whimsical Ranter said...

It's okay...we had ugly baby day at our store.

I plan meals...I used to take the time to write them out on a weekly basis, but then the family caught on and started complaining when the menu read roast chicken with broccolini and wild rice pilaf....when in reality they were getting left-over spaghetti pan fried with a couple of eggs and spinach.

I do now plan meals but no one knows of the plan but me. It does make shopping ahead a little tricky, lest they figure it out by the ingredients listed on the fridge.