Thursday, September 25, 2008

*bling bling*

Got some bling for Bella today. Bella is my bicycle, in case anyone is wondering, because bicycles should be anthropomorphized lest they become moody.

Anyway, I went to REI to get a 50-cent (not the rapper) clip for Chaco's sandals because he'd broken the original. How DOES he do it? I went in to get the clip and came out with the clip and the bling. See it?

It's sort of hard to see in this grainy, poor-backgrounded photo, but it's there all right. Anyone? Let's play I SPY!

I SPY Bella's new bike bling. More specifically, I SPY Bella's new ring-a-ding-ding bike bling.

Yeah, I got one of those nerdy bells. A bell for Bella.

Here's an enlargement:

See? Really, though, I'd been wanting to get one of these for a while. They are quite functional, and I was tired of coming up behind people on the paths and having to say, "ON YER LEFT!"

And, recently, I was the recipient of one of these dingle-lings. I must've been out walking the dog when I heard this cheerful little mechanical chirp. I turned around to see a large man on a burly bicycle headed right for us. That cheerful little mechanical chirp was so much nicer than an "ON YER LEFT!" or a "MOVE OVER!" or a "COMIN' THROUGH" or, worse, nothing, only to be startled silly when the large man on the burly bike went cruising on by.

So I wanted one too.

The big box store didn't have them, although they had two different models of those obnoxious ah-OOOO-gah horns. Seriously, who uses those?? Good old REI.

So I tried it out this afternoon. Beautiful sunny day, I was bound to come upon someone to dingle, right? No. No one. Not a soul. Party poopers. I did meet up with one woman out walking her dogs, but she was facing in my direction and pulled herself and the dogs over in plenty of time. I almost wanted to pull a U-ie and pass her from behind just so I could do my ring-a-ding-ding thing.

Well, I'll be patient and sleep, perchance to ding.


Whimsical Ranter said...

Awwwwwwww May you be able to ding before the urge leaves you.

pendoodles said...

Great bling! LOL

I'm gonna get a honker bling for my walker. I blinged it with jewels already that Rob says have to go if he's gonna walk next to me. LOL

I wanna honk till i'm horny! hehehe

Herb said...

I like the ah-ooga sounding horns but the ding-a-ling is quite fashionable and functional.

terri said...

You really didn't want the ah-ooga one? Think how funny it would be to have people thinking a Model T was cruising up behind them!

Paige said...

I would like the ah-ooga too.

I am also glad your bike has a name. BS is a serious biker, and he names him--Bikey is his mountain bike (although, really, he is Bikey II); Trixie is his triathlon bike, and he named my bike Biketta. I only know that becuase I heard him tell Bikey one day not to touch her on the rack, as Biketta had cooties