Saturday, October 11, 2008

Silver Lining Saturday part VIII

A tutor student called earlier to reschedule our session originally scheduled for this morning. It seems that today is Homecoming at his school. As if that's more important than Pattern Analysis!

Magnum is out of town on business today, so Chaco and Wolfgang were all set to earn some babysitting dough while I was at work. They're a bit disappointed. I told them, "but now you get ME!" No surprise - they wanted the cash.

But it gives me a chance to sit down and do my weekly thankfulness post. Roll 'em!

Injury updates. I'm thankful that Chaco's wrist is just about back to 100%. It's still a little weak, but it's not like Mr. Ectomorph was much of an Incredible Hulk when it comes to arm strength in the first place. He was happily able to ride his bike to school this week after walking there all last week.
And speaking of injuries, I'm thankful that my bout of Osteitis Pubis (gotta capitalize that one) only lasted about one day. I was *ahem* back in the saddle, so to speak, on Sunday, and it hasn't bothered me since. I also learned some good stretching techniques while being educated on all things injurious pubis!

New Stuff. And, as mentioned, I'm thankful we got that pretty new furnace all up and installed. Just in time it seems, because this weekend, Baby, it's cold outside!

Scheduling Conflicts. I'm thankful I worked things out with the school librarian regarding that book fair next week. Yep, I called her up and just said, "Listen honey! I was only giving you some options when I circled 4 different shifts! This isn't the dang Peace Corps! Pick ONE and be grateful!" Okay, maybe it was a little different wordage, but we got it straightened out. Seems she was in the mode of "it's easier to ask for forgiveness later than to ask for permission ahead of time". I forgave.

Male Bonding. Last weekend, while I was at work, Magnum took the kids to an Air Show that was in town. I'm thankful that they had a good testosteral day of looking at different kinds of aircraft, and they even brought me back some gifts! I must show you my squishy miniature Navy football and Battleship bling!

Boring Can Be Good. This week I learned of some upheaval involving a wife doing bad things that will change a family forever. Monogamy is a choice, not an instinct! Choose wisely! Anyway, I'm thankful that my homelife is, for the most part, happily boring.


terri said...

Glad to hear all the injuries are healing up nicely.

Your weather got cold enough for the furnace? We turned ours on, but I don't think it has actually kicked in just yet.

I'm also happy that you asserted your boundaries where the book fair thing is concerned. You would have been miserable working all those shifts if you only stuck with it out of some kind of obligation.

Judy said...

DUUUUUUUDE - you are going to get oodles of hits off of your "Osteitis Pubis" talk! You been playing football?

Weird stuff over here - I just opened my bloglines account (which I do multiple times a day, even on the hubster's computer -shhhh) and there were ELEVEN posts on there from you! What in the WORLD???

And send that cooler weather this way. I can't take much more of the 90 degree heat.

brandy101 said...

I am glad the wrist and library fair are *straightened out!*

I am thankful that I found a place in NJ via the internet that makes custom wood blinds at a lower-than-Walmart price, did beautiful work, shipped me the product in record time, included easy to follow instructions and good hardware, so that I know have lovely wood blinds in my newly-painted living room instead of bent-up, nasty old aluminum ones.

[Sheesh - was that all one sentence?!?! LOL...]

LauraBelle said...

YOU make ME laugh!

tz said...

wandered over here from teresa's blog..loved reading your blog, very funny!

I always love being thankful posts!

Daveman said...

Wow! I really got to drop in more. I turn my back for one day or several and your whole world is filled with injuries and medical conditions and fireplace whoas and some crazy lady resceduling your life for you..., and...., well - I am convinced this is my fault because when I visited your blog more often at (ahem) BLOG DRIVE (hint-hint), these things never if seldom happend. ~ Sigh ~

Oh but wait - while you were at (ahem) Blog Drive, this never happened either. Your world was in tune with the univers, a vertual paradise... - is my guilt tripping being effective yet? I mean - dont you miss home, Abby? (sniff-sniff)

Ok now I got to back track and see how Choco got injured and stuff.
Hope your weekend was a fab one, Abby.