Monday, October 13, 2008

boys, books, bangs, and Bernoulli

I sit here with the serene sounds of a spanking new high-efficiency furnace wafting through the vents. It's cold today, but not inside my house!

Okay, enough about the new furnace already. Even I'm sick of hearing about the stupid thing. It is a lot more smooth and serene sounding than that old clanger banger we had though.

It was a nice weekend here. Nice in that the weather was crappy. Sometimes we need crappy weather to make us slow down and contemplate. Saturday, Magnum was out of town serving as a board member of some... well... board he's on, so it was just me and the kids. One against three. The weather was crappy, so they weren't big on going outside and playing in the streets. If anything, they brought the street urchins over to our house to play inside.

And I just hung out too. Just that day I received a book in the mail from the generous Terri who took pity on me when I mentioned I was like 300th in the queue for this book at the library - me being too cheap to just go out and buy the thing. So I read several pages of the book while the kids and the various street urchins did who-knows-what to the rest of the house. What else were they gonna do?

And I also trimmed my own hair. I've been known to do this on occassion, but don't very often because (a) cutting the back is a pain (b) it's nice to just go sit and let someone else do it (c) I never seem to be able to sweep up all the little hair ends left behind (d) I've been known to sometimes screw it up and end up at the stylist anyway. But I just needed a little clean up here and there, and I guess I was in the correct mood. I remember a hairstylist once telling me that any given stylist's haircuts can be erratic depending on their mood of the moment. You want to get them on a good day. Kind of like not buying a car that was assembled on a Monday or Friday maybe? Made sense. I guess I was in an okay mood for hair trimming, because it came out okay. And what else was I gonna do?

And we watched Speed Racer on DVD. Not exactly a chick flick, but what else was I gonna do?


Whimsical Ranter said...

Wow you're daring...cutting your own I have attempted that but with my cowlicks, it ends up looking 3-year-old grabbed the scissors and ran with them.

Yes once in a while crappy weather can be nice...I've even been known to enjoy it. Of course here if you wait for the weather not to be crappy to quote my hubby, Rainbird, you'd never leave your home.

Whimsical Ranter said...

Oh....and I'm glad your heater works great...Yay about the book!

terri said...

For some reason, crappy weather at this time of year is so motivating for me.

I've been known to cut my own hair too, with questionable results. I just let the stylist do it most of the time, but I'm looking at my hair after she cut it last week and thinking she was having one of "those" days.

Glad you got the book!

Goes by the name of Anna said...

I am infinitely in awe of people who are game enough to trim their own hair - mine grows like a weed, but I'm just too much of a wuss to try! Go you!

Judy said...

Cut your hair outside - the birds will LOVE the clippings! :-)

Herb said...

I don't know nuttin' 'bout hair cuttin' but I do know it was plenty cold.

brandy101 said...

For budgetary reasons, when I had bangs, I used to trim them myself. But that was back-in-the-day. I dont have bangs anymore...but I go about every *whenever my hair looks crapy and feels awful* to a $10.99 haircut place. Luckily for me there are only 2 stylists there and they have been there forever, AND they always do a good job, so its $11 plus tip well spent!