Thursday, October 9, 2008

fear of commitment

What should I do?!?

(A) Admit that I didn't let it happen intentionally
(B) Give in to the temptation and cheat
(C) Genuinely try to work it out and get past this
(D) Counseling
(E) Write-in vote

Okay, here's the background **DEEP BREATH**

Meego's school is having a book fair next week. The librarian sent home volunteer request forms. It states: "Please circle ANY (emphasis mine) time that you could help..."

I circled 4 different time slots, meaning that I could work one, but not all, of them. I figured she'd let me know when she wanted to me be there. The sheet came back home with Meego today. All it says is:

"Thanks so much, Abby! The time might change for Tuesday - will let you know on Monday. - The Librarian".

Oh no! She thinks I was volunteering for ALL four time slots! I (don't want to) can't do that! I want to come out and tell her I just can't continue, but I have such feelings of guilt! Was I leading her on? Am I being a selfish b*tch for only thinking of MY needs? Maybe I should just stick it out. Make it work somehow.

For the sake of the children.

Sorry to bring up such personal topics... but... the sanctity of The Book Fair depends on it!


terri said...

Oooh, the bookfair. Well, see, the problem with working the bookfair is it is tempting to BUY things at the bookfair. And if you work all four time slots, you are four times as likely to be tempted to spend money on books from the bookfair.

It's in the best interest of your budget to be up front with the librarian and bow out of some of the time slots. Just my opinion.

Kelly said...

ooohh....I love book fairs. new, old covers...the smell of musky pages...books you need, books you think you need...books you think you better get now in case you never see them again...ahhhh book fairs.

I say admit that you didn't intentionally let it happen..and because you had no choice but to give in to temptation with the like circles...and you are getting counselling to genuinely working it and the option for a write in was to call in sick.....

Static Brain said...

I would be honest and say I didn't do it intentionally and ask for a reprieve and tell her you can't do it all. But if she can't find a replacement for you, you might have to grin and bear it!

Beej said...

I'd be on the phone so fast saying...OH HEY! ThaznotwhatImeant. You do tons at the school Abby. There should be absolutely no guilt involved here. You can be forgiven because they didn't make the form clear. see?

Whimsical Ranter said...

Well that's a fine pickle you've gotten yourself into.

I would call up and play stupid, meaning that you don't understand, and ask her the information she sent was unclear, which time do you need to be there for.

LauraBelle said...

I don't think I could express my opinion any better than what your pretty red-headed friend beej said [and I secretly love the way she said it wishing I'd said it first!] No stress. No guilt. *smiles*

brandy101 said...

Tell her the truth. :)