Monday, October 25, 2021

the old bag

The first thing I noticed were his legs.  Yes, (1) they were quite large and muscular, but (2) the temperature was upper 30's - a bit chilly for shorts in my book.  Maybe big muscles are warming. 

After acknowledging the big bare legs on the crisp morning, the next thing I noted was his bag. It was attractive and resting comfortably-looking on his back, made specifically for bicycling.  He continued south at the point where I turn east, but not before I'd acquired a good case of bag envy.

This happened one morning last week as I was riding my bicycle in to work.  Mornings are busy with bicycle traffic as I live in between a high school and an elementary school.  Packs of high schoolers pass in my opposite direction as I ride along with the elementals and, sometimes, a parent or two.

But Bag Guy was no high schooler, nor a parent of an elementary kid.  He looked to be another commuter like myself - but younger, faster, with stronger legs and nicer bag.

Until then, I'd been content enough with the backpack I wear to work.  It's about 3 years old and still in decent shape.  It holds what I need and then some.  I emptied it out for a round of what's-in-my-bag:

And I thought, "well, just for fun, let's see if I can find that guy's bag online", which of course I did.

I found it all over:  the bag company website, Amazon, All at the same price

The bag company detected me lurking around and offered me 10% off my purchase.  But I can get it from amazon with free shipping, which about balances with the 10% off, BUT I can get it from REI, pick it up myself and avoid shipping altogether PLUS get my 10% dividend.

And then I thought, "Wait, do I need a new bag?".  Well, no 

"Does that bag have some nice features my current one doesn't?".  Well, yes.

"But do I need it?". Well, no

...and so on.  

My inner don't-settle-for-less struggles with my inner minimalist. 

Then this morning, this popped up in my Instagram feed.  This black cat in the bag I want/don't need.


I've always liked black cats.

"Is this cat telling me to get the damn bag already?".  Well... ?


BootsandBraids said...

After having been given three signs, I say the universe is telling you to get the damn bag.

Abby said...

BootsandBraids, I took your comment as another sign from the universe and ordered the damn bag.

John Holton said...

Good! I was going to suggest that you buy the damn bag, but I see you already have. Hope it comes with a black kitten. Enjoy!

Abby said...

John, thanks, I would happily accept a black kitten with the damn bag.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I'd say it's time for a new bag. :-)

ShadowRun300 said...

The comments are just as fun as the blog posts.
Stopping in to say hi, and let you know I’m still reading. :)

Abby said...

Peggy, I think you're damn right :)

SR300, Hi! *waving* Thanks for stopping by!

LL Cool Joe said...

Life's too short buy the damn bag as long as it has the cute cat in it too.