Friday, June 18, 2021

what the fudge?

No news that it's still muy caliente around here (mucho hot).  There are clouds in today's forecast that I'm so looking forward to.  Even the pets are over it.

I think Merlin's going for maximum exposed surface area for heat dissipation up there on the futon.

For my recent old job, one of the primary factors I took it was that it involved such a short commute - a little less than two miles.  My new job, while the commute wasn't as big of a factor, is also relatively close - win!  It's about two and a half miles by bicycle.  

I try to make it there without working up too much of  a sweat, and I also change my shirt from riding to working.  I take a longer, more scenic route to go home.  

One of my coworkers gifted each of us with a large chunk of homemade fudge on Tuesday.  Great!  Get it home in the heat on a bicycle?  Hmmm.

I envisioned opening my backpack at home to find a chocolate blob of melt.  This was clearly an urgent matter.

And I'm happy to report that my strategy worked.  I stuck my chunk o' fudge in the break room freezer to get good and froze by the end of the day.  I took it out at the last possible second, put it in a ziploc bag and headed out into the furnace.  Got home, and

the fudge lives!  

Maybe Penny and the Napolion the cat can fit in our freezer?  Merlin's on his own.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I've been seeing your temps. Yuk! I know you all have a dry heat and that's better than the moist humid shit we have. However, an oven is a dry heat too and I wouldn't want to sit in a 100-degree oven! I saw somewhere in Arizona I believe or maybe Nevada, either way, it was going to be 122 degrees. I'm sorry that is not for humans on earth. Our weather patterns are a mess and global warming is doing this no matter what the right says. It's real. Poor Polar Bears can attest I'm telling the truth.

Abby said...

Peggy, yes, we repeat, "at least it's a dry heat", to help us cope, but it does feel like an oven. At least with a dry heat, the shade actually helps. I remember hot and humid when I lived out your way. Shade was just darker hot and humid.

betty said...

That is cool that you can bike to work! Win-win situation. Get some exercise and not have the expense of a car commute! Brilliant too with getting the fudge home (I would have been tempted to eat it while still at work :)

We have had 115+ degree weather for the past few days. Good news the pool finally warmed up enough for me to go in (I like it above 86 degrees and its about 89 degrees now). Bad news is we will have this heat for another 2 months at least but thankful it is indeed a dry heat!

Stay cool the best you can!


Abby said...

betty, I have seriously thought of relocating to Arizona, but then I think of summertime! Stay cool!