Sunday, December 27, 2020

merry making

Christmas 2020, there it went.

I hope everyone reading had a nice Christmas if celebrated and a nice Friday if not.  We actually had our family celebration yesterday - the day after - and it was all good.

I worked on Christmas day, so spent it with my coworkers and the old folks.  It was a good day, everything went very smoothly, like a Christmas miracle.  I was in the kitchen prepping the tiramisu when two of our burly cooks hefted a couple of huge hams from the oven.  As they beamed at the beautiful and aromatic fruits of their labors, I couldn't help but think, "those look like two little charred pigs", which in a way, they were.  

To the cooks' credit, they were beautiful hams, but my on-again-off-again inner vegetarian had a bit of a "farm to table" moment at first sight of them.  When I buy ham in the store, it's not nearly as critter looking.  Anyway, the Christmas meal was a success with the senior citizen masses.  

About a week ago, Meego let me know that close friends he'd hung out with had tested positive for COVID.  This was just after he and his roommates came off of two weeks of self-quarantining after one of the roommates and roommate's girlfriend tested positive.  

Like a responsible college kid in a pandemic, Meego wanted to have a COVID test before we had our family get together.  We scrambled a bit to find a testing site and get him an appointment.  I honestly didn't think he'd have results before the weekend, but he got his negative result on Thursday giving us the all clear.

We had a fun day-after-Christmas Christmas with the brood.  They are a difficult bunch to get gifts for, each being single with no dependents and decent incomes - well, except for Meego the college kid who will always welcome cash.  But we managed a bit of seasonal materialism to go with the flow.

Now, onward to the new year.  Resolutions?  Yeah, riiiiiiiight...


Morgan Cartwright said...

Thank goodness for negative test results! It amazes me how differently states/counties have testing centers. My county provides testing for anyone who lives and works in the county, but the county my sister works in charges people $120 if they don't have insurance. I am glad that he was able to find an open testing center with quick turn around.

Fun celebrations are always the best. :)

Abby said...

Morgan, whoa! $120 for a covid test!? Our county also offers them for free, but testing hours are very limited, as we learned. I was surprised how quickly Meego got his results, and naturally happy it was negative!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I'm with you I have a hard time eating something that looks like it's previous life form. No can do. Went to a pig roast once and it was on a spit and everyone was taking meat from its belly and all I saw was his face. Nope. I didn't eat any. I could be a vegetarian if I didn't crave a burger every once in a while.:-)

Abby said...

Peggy, Ha! I hear ya, and was not interested in any Christmas ham. But I could've happily gone for some moo shu.

Tee said...

Glad to hear Meego tested negative and you could all get together. We went through a similar scenario before Thanksgiving, with me scrambling to find an open appointment for my middle son. Here in MN, testing is free to everyone, but appointments are booked solid for days on end. Then I came to find out that you can make an appointment, or you can just walk in anytime you like! I ended up ordering an at-home spit test, and the kid got his negative test result the day after Thanksgiving, so we didn't all get together. We made up for it at Christmas though. :-)

LL Cool Joe said...

Sounds like you had a good Christmas and I'm so pleased Meego tested negative and you were all able to be together on what we Brits call Boxing Day.

Resolutions? Mine is to drink more. Water of course, and to take better care of this ageing body.

Happy New Year.