Sunday, December 20, 2020

dreaming, watching, shopping, working, oh my!

Just before I awoke this morning, I was dreaming of a black owl.  It was present in the background of my dream, but then it seemed to take an interest in me.  It followed me around and eventually perched itself on my shoulder and then my head, where it was happy.

Gosh, must be some profoundly meaningful dream!  But what is my subconscious/ the universe trying to tell me??  As I sat here pondering, I noticed the cheapo coaster I keep on my desk:

All right, so maybe it was a rando dream about coasters... or coffee... or... I dunno, cork?  Nothing to see here.

In other current events:


We finished "The Queen's Gambit" on Netflix.  I enjoyed the series with its well developed and engaging characters and plot.  I did find the final episode rather corny and predictable, but it tied up the story well enough.  

Speaking of tying up, remember elementary school how we'd sing when someone got new shoes?  I still remember the words to the song, try as I might to forget.

Anyway, I got new shoes for work this week.  I don't know how many steps I put in during a shift, but I'm sure it's a lot.  I was wearing simple canvas sneakers that were comfy on my feet, but my calves and knees felt like lead by the end of the day.  I chalked it up to poor footwear and went on the hunt for something better.

Sierra Trading Post came through for me once again.  I bagged a pair of $130 Hokas for $43.  I'd tried the brand for running not long ago, and wasn't impressed, but they've turned out great for work.  In conclusion, my legs are happy and my wallet isn't empty.  Now I know why the nurses wear Hokas, however, nobody sang for me.

Speaking of work, I find I'm enjoying my position as den mother despite my initial wariness...  it's early days though.  Honestly, I have little interest in geriatrics, nutrition, and dietetics in general, but I'm a total nerd for accuracy and efficiency, and this job fits that bill nicely.  Dare I say I'm actually using a bit of my graduate degree on a job?  

Well, let's not get carried away.


John Holton said...

No, it was a dream about an owl. Your brain turned the picture on the coaster into the real thing. Happens all the time in dreams. At least to me...

Linda Sue said...

i had to look it up out of curiosity-A black Owl is a symbol of loss and illness and thus, if you see it in your dream, you or someone in your family is going to have ill health issues. Alternatively, you in some dream books a black owl can mean that others will cause an issue for you.
Since you are around health issues in your work i would say that the coaster owl might be perfect!

Linda Sue said...

Also i got a pair of black hokas and walked all over London in them for five months, still wear them they keep me upright, most comfortable shoe ever!

Abby said...

John, I rarely remember dreams, but this owl woke me up when I took it off my head.

Linda Sue, the owl was such a friendly little critter in the dream. He told me he just wanted to be friends with me, so I'm going with that.
I didn't like the Hokas for running, but glad I gave them another shot for work walking!

ShadowRun300 said...

We never sang the new shoe song in school. What have I been missing out on??
I feel your pain though, literally. I tried on SO many shoes before finding some I can make it through the day with. Unfortunately, mine have to match a suit, so I’m not sure Hokas would do. But I’m sincerely happy they’re working for you!
I’m in the “Nope, but maybe later” category as well, by the way. And those cat scratches! They are the worst! Mine would swell up and sting like crazy. Hope yours is feeling better.

Abby said...

SR300, I had a rather enthusiastic 2nd grade teacher. We would sing while the newly shod kid would walk around the periphery of the classroom:
Oh see my new shoes,
My lovely new shoes,
They're made of stout leather for all kinds of weather
Oh see my new shoes,
My lovely new shooooooooooooooooooooooooz

And yeah, comfy shoes and a suit make for good "clash day" wear. Good luck! Luckily, we wear scrubs - bring on the sensible shoes.
I'm bettin the majority of staff and residents checked the "Nope" box.

LL Cool Joe said...

You know you are getting old when you start buying shoes that are "comfy". :D I realised the latest trainers I bought I can't wear because of my bunions. God I'm old.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Glad you found comfy shoes. I wore heels standing at an airline ticket counter for 8 + hours. NOW they can wear flats. I felt that if the men could wear flats I should be able to as well. We did not agree so they won so I could keep my job☹

Abby said...

LLC Joe, "comfy" has moved to the top of my priority list for shoes. What's happening?!

Peggy, at least times have changed for the better. I remember walking through a factory in heels and thinking, "Well, this is bullshit..."

Morgan Cartwright said...

Comfy shoes for the win! I love Owls, they are one of my favorite creatures. I'm glad you are enjoying the den mother job! I hope it continues to be awesome!

Abby said...

Morgan, I love owls too, they're so cool in so many ways :)