Thursday, September 3, 2020

sunny side of covid?

Summer 2020 is coming to a close.  It's been a summer of  "the new normal", and I think we're still trying to figure out what that really means. 

Was this summer different than it would've been without Covid.  On a global scale, definitely.  On a personal scale, yes and no. 

Probably the biggest impact on me personally was the effect on my job at the hospital.  Working in culinary brought several restrictions on both us kitchen people and our customers.  The restrictions greatly impacted staffing.  I was part-time to begin with, so I became part-part-time.

As I mentioned, I recently decided to leave the hospital and take a similar position at a medical rehab facility.  I'll miss the old place and the people and am optimistic about the new place, which is a much closer commute as well as a better and more consistent amount of work hours.  

So Covid "forced" me to consider options, and this new gig might turn out better than the last.  I'll miss my coworkers, and I do appreciate the transferable skills I picked up at the hospital.  Cooking is the easy part...

On the social front, my social life is lacking in these social distancing times.  I was looking forward to meeting some new P.E.O. sisters here after we moved.  Welp,  no meetings happening.  But thankfully, I'm able to zoom meet with my familiar group back in Colorado Springs.

Meego had a couple of online summer classes.  Did we get an itty bitty break in tuition?  Maybe? BUT, we did get in on Meego's all important student Hulu account!  And how 'bout that Netflix?  Would I have even watched if not for covid?

We did get a bit of a summer getaway, and covid might have also helped us out in that regard.  We managed to get the whole of the fam together for a few days in the mountains.  Wolfgang and Chaco possibly had more vacation time available as a result of the ski season abruptly ending because of Covid.  

Additionally, Trestle, the downhill mountain bike park we recreated upon restricted the daily number of visitors, so noobs like me were able to hone our skills in relatively uncrowded conditions

Now with restrictions being somewhat lifted, I do appreciate the little things like toilet paper availability.  Not that it's necessary because Covid "gifted" us with those bidets 😀!

And summer's not quite officially over just yet.  More fun to be had, I'm sure.  I say...


Linking up this week with Mama Kat for the prompt:

2. How did covid ultimately impact your summer for the better and for the worse compared to previous years?


John Holton said...

I priced those bidet seats, and they're a bit pricey, but in the long run I think they'd be a good ideda. At least you'd avoid the toilet getting clogged with toilet paper.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I had to google PEO to see who these people were you were socializing with. :-)
I LOVE the memes.
This would normally be my week of vacation as it has been for the last 14 yrs. But I am home. I am working and I am in a funk.

Morgan Cartwright said...

I am laughing too hard at those memes! :)
I am racking up the vacation time, I need to figure out a few days off!

Abby said...

John, I think bidets are becoming more mainstream (pun?) in the US. Worth the price IMHO :)

Peggy, I had a link for PEO in the post, but blogger messed it up. Certainly not operator error! (fixed it, thanks).
I hope your funk lifts soon.

Abby said...

Morgan, I hope you get your getaway soon!

Astrid said...

I am so glad you're still able to connect to the P.E.O. people in Colorado Springs. I had to look up what it means too and am still not 100% sure.

My husband and I haven't been on a getaway for the past six years anyway and it wasn't a regular event before that either, so in that respect I don't really feel affected by travel restrictions.

Abby said...

Astrid, briefly, P.E.O. is a women's educational charitable organization - scholarships, grants, loans, etc. - with members all throughout the US and Canada. It's also a sisterhood, and members become close friends. I'm thankful for zooming taking the place of in-person get togethers.

KatBouska said...

It's kind of nice to read about the positives that this pandemic brought to our lives. Always good to look for the silver lining! If anything the Pandemic gave me a great reason to say no to all of my kids requests to spend money on outdoor activities since Covid closed everything. ;)