Friday, June 5, 2020

out of the frying pan

The heat hit me as soon as I walked outside.  It was like opening an oven door to get the cookies, but alas, there were no cookies. 

I looked over and noticed smiley kids running through the sprinklers and relishing in the refreshment.  I actually recognized them as members of the hospital landscaping crew, but at that moment, they resembled kids playing in sprinklers... despite their beards.

Yeah,  it's been hot this week, and it wasn't that long ago I was complaining about the clouds and cold.  Happens every year.

I briefly considered a splash through the sprinklers myself, to prepare for the ride home from work.  But the bearded landscapers seemed to be enjoying their frolic, and I wasn't invited.

Fine.  I set out.  And as luck has it, my work get-up is all black. 

At first, I was thinking, "at least I'm wearing short sleeves", but as I pedaled along, I quickly felt I was in the "crispy outer crust" portion of the cook cycle.

As soon as I got home and showered, I hit up amazon and searched "UV protection moisture wicking shirt women".  I know it was grammatically incorrect since I was searching for shirts and not women, but amazon knows what I meant. 

I appreciate the ease of shopping on amazon, but geez, there were almost too many choices.  I was going to have to work for it.  Eventually, I found a couple of brands with agreeable pricing and ordered three such shirts for my afternoon commutes.

When I was in my teens and thought I knew everything but really knew nothing, I would lay out in the sun for an hour nearly every day during summer months for the all important tan.  My dad would get on my case about it, but I ignored his wisdom in true teen form.

A few years later, I worked with a woman who was in her 20's but had a face like old leather.  It was not a good look.  It was Leatherface, along with a little education on skin cancers, that got me to quit my slow-roasting habits.

Yesterday, I happily and comfortably wore a new UV protecting, moisture wicking shirt on my ride home in the sunshine and heat. 

I hope Dad saw me.

Linking up this week with Mama Kat for the prompt:
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

You may have 90 degrees but you have low humidity. Trade ya.
It's hard to breathe the last couple of days here. Then put on a face mask and oh my goodness!!
Title Nine and Duluth Trading both have wicking women tops...just an FYI. I love title nine active clothing. I am one of those who also baked in the sun in my youth and I love a tan. But now I get it from a bottle or a spray-on.
And yesterday I parked my car by a sprinkler. As I took my things out of the back of the SUV I was getting wet and I didn't even care. It felt great! When I got inside my husband asked, did it start raining? LOL

Patty said...

The hint of Summer is slowly making its way here to upstate New York. It seems that, with each day where the forecast shows temps in the 70's, there's an almost immediate "Severe Weather Alert: New Round Of Potent Storms Will Sweep Through Area"...followed by a few rain sprinkles, some clouds and a faraway rumble of thunder.

But, it's downright sticky, humidity-wise.

It is what it is, I have no complaints. Except for Ants. Don't know about anyone else but there is an Antdemic here where live. Kind of goes along with everything 2020 has brought our way. So far.

Stay safe!

Patty said...

Sorry...with my hasty typing, I left out a word. I HATE when that happens.

It is what it is, I have no complaints. Except for Ants. Don't know about anyone else but there is an Antdemic here where ***I**** live. Kind of goes along with everything 2020 has brought our way. So far.

KatBouska said...

A UV protection moisture wicking woman would be quite a thing! I always wanted to lay out and do the tanning bit, but I've despised feeling hot my whole life so I was never good at it. I don't think I ever lasted more than 20 minutes in the sun at a time. Thank God! Next time just join the landscaping crew. I'm sure they would have been delighted to make a new friend!

Abby said...

Peggy, I've lived in high humidity. NO THANKS!
There's an area along my commute where I've been hit by sprinkler overspray. I was SO looking forward to it during that hot, all-black-clothing ride. Wouldn't you know they weren't on that day!

Patty, I used to live in upstate NY, so know that stickiness well! Don't miss it. Sorry about your Antdemic, but appreciate the jargon :)

Kat, as I recall, I would pop a 60-minute cassette into my Walkman, listen to the first side, then flip over and listen to the second side. What a waste of an hour! I can only now imagine the low expectations my dad must've had for me.
Next sprinkler playtime, I'm in with the landscapers!