Sunday, March 15, 2020


I called the Walmart pharmacy on Friday afternoon.

"Hi, I wanted to come in for a Shingrix booster?  Can I get that today?"

"Unghhh..... n-n-no"

"Oh, uhm. okay..."

"Now's not a good time.  Can you do it on my day off this weekend?  It's pretty crazy in here right  now and we close at 7:00"  (it was about 5pm)

"Ya think it'll be better on the weekend?"

"Yes 'cause I won't be here"

"Okay, well that's why I called.  Thanks."

Back in early November, I got my first hit of Shingrix vaccine - the vaccine for shingles.  I've never had chickenpox.  Shingrix is given in two hits, 2 to 6 months apart.  I set a reminder on my calendar for the 4-month mark, which fell right at the start of corona-chaos.  So, I'll wait.

On Thursday morning, I went to Costco for just a usual bi-weekly run.  Parking lot was packed, I walked in far enough to see the chaos inside and noped on outta there.  This left me salmon swimming upstream against the hoards of people entering the store, but eventually I got out.  I'll wait.

Later that evening, I talked with Chaco who'd had a similar Costco experience.  He actually got some shopping done, but they had no TP,  not surprisingly.  He felt, "well, at least there's toilet paper at work".  Subsequently, the boss shut down his office and told everyone to work from home. Heh.

At my hospital job, we need to fill out a questionnaire each morning - questions about having a fever or being in contact with anyone who might have COVID-19.  One "yes" sends you home for two weeks.  My manager was sent home because his young son has a cough. 

Magnum's mom and stepdad are self-quarantined after recently travelling on airplanes.  They're both in their 80's, so we're keeping tabs. 

So, just here checking in with my blog friends.  I hope you are all safe and healthy and well supplied!


John Holton said...

I love the graph, especially the last thing in the legend...

Chatty Crone said...

Stay well.