Saturday, March 21, 2020


I just came from where I ordered a pair of rain pants, and I'm wondering what life is like in an Amazon warehouse.  Are the workers congested together?  Or is there a lot of automation with humans well spaced apart?

We just had a very wet snow storm move through.  On Thursday, Magnum and I took the dogs out for a short walk - maybe 15 to 20 mins - just around our neighborhood.  My ski bunny parka did great at keeping me warm and dry, but I had to change my soggy pants and socks when we got back.  I'd been meaning to get some rain pants, mostly for bicycling, but this short dog walk served as a fresh reminder.

Back when was a wee baby, it only sold books, remember?  The thing people loved about it was the reviews.  No longer limited to official book critic reviews, we could read reviews from normal or abnormal people just like us.  That concept helped kick off other product lines, and now look at Amazon go.

It's hard to imagine a world without product reviews from everyday customers at the ready.  Most are to the point, some write near novels.  Other reviews seem to be written by grumpy people who hate everything.  Once in a while, I come across one that's nearly as fun to read as my blog friends' blogs 😊

I came across a review titled, "They're waterproof, and comfort-proof, and pocket-proof, and fit-proof..."  Needless to say, the reviewer was not very happy with the rain pants.  I appreciate this part:

They're loud and crinkly as hell. Not that I really care, since most rain pants are, but they're 
not really swishy-swooshy like regular rain pants. More chip-bag crinkly than anything else.

Yeah, I definitely prefer swishy-swooshy to chip-bag.  I ordered a different product.  We shall see.

In other networking-during-a-pandemic news, I joined a local running club this week.  Like most everything else, club activities and events are cancelled, but we have the online weekly leaderboards that tell me I'm currently in 63rd place out of 551 members.  It's strangely motivating even though I don't know who any of these people are.

Someone I follow on Instagram noted some silver linings of the current upheaval.  She ended the post with,

"This is a blessing in disguise"

I tried meditating on that idea most of the day yesterday, and also mentioned it to Magnum.  He says,
"It's a pretty good disguise".


Still, I've noticed some nice things.  Little things, but still nice:  traffic is a lot lighter, families are playing outside together,  people are offering to run errands for those at high risk... some of the memes are quite entertaining.

And a lot of us are appreciating things we used to take for granted.  Like grocery shopping - a love/hate relationship for me.

Got any silver linings to share?


We are: Clamco said...

Yesterday was the last day we made and gave out sack lunches to students. We had a lot of stuff left over, mostly milk that was to expire within a few days. We didn't want to throw it out so my co-worker and I took it home and did a call out to families in our respective neighborhoods. It was greatly appreciated. My next door neighbor has 3 boys and her coast guard hubby just left for two months. I gave her not only milk, but some bananas, raisins, deli meat and yogurt. Glad none of the leftovers went to waste.

Chatty Crone said...

You know I feel crazy - sometimes I want to keep up a sense of humor to get over the nervousness I feel and sometimes I just feel so nervous about everything!
Stay well.

ShadowRun300 said...

My hubby (who’s not living with me at the moment because my chances of being exposed are pretty great), and I were just talking about how it’s these kind of crises that bring people together. (Once it’s over, of course. No togetherness now!!)
Yesterday, I temporarily laid off all my hourly team members... a very sad day for me. Now the assistant managers and I are running the hotel, and it has been such a bonding experience! And I know when business picks up, and I can bring the whole team back, that we will be so much closer than before. So in some senses, this could be a good thing. But dang, has it been a tough road so far.
Take care, stay safe, and enjoy your rain pants! Can’t wait to hear your review.

Abby said...

Clamco, glad you were able to clean out your food stores. I've heard that some schools are continuing to provide lunches - takeout - for low income families.

Sandie, I think your nervousness is normal. I know I often need to take a break from the news. Take care of yourself!

SR300, ugh, I'm sure it was difficult to let your employees go. But yes, the bonding-through-adversity will make your team all the stronger.
I felt kinda guilty ordering the rain pants since I know Amazon orders have greatly increased. I planned to do the no-rush shipping, but it wasn't an option. I'll keep ya posted.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Abby, not any more than the ones you wrote about. My stress is at an all time high. So is my waistline. But it's giving me time to grow out this horrendous hair cut I received 2 weeks ago by the time I can leave the house, either on foot or in a body bag, my hair will be much better :-) How's that for looking on the bright side?

Abby said...

Peg, looking on the bright side - good job!

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh we just wrote similar posts. That makes us positive people right?

I do love my swishy-swoshy waterproof trousers I wear when I'm using the pressure washer. But I'd be okay with a pair that sounded like a bag of crisps too, as long as they keep the water out, who cares really? :D