Tuesday, March 10, 2020

on the subject of toilet paper

We were at a fave coffee shop recently, and as I was using the Ladies', I was struck at how soft the toilet paper roll was.  Really, I almost wanted to use it as a pillow. 

I mention this only because of the contrast.  See, Magnum and I have been using sandpapery 1-ply tissue for the past several weeks/ months.  Why do we have sandpaper 1-ply TP?  I'll mention that it's at least 20 years old.

Back in late 1999/ early 2000, we bought and moved into a house in Utah.  We discovered a good sized box of toilet paper rolls.  It was 1-ply Scott tissue. Not sure, maybe it was Y2K prepper paper?

Whatever, we kept the box in a corner as our own disaster stash.  Since then, we've moved three times, and the box of TP has accompanied us - mainly because it's kinda weird to leave a box of TP behind for new homeowners, as we know from experience.

Finally, with this last move, I decided I'm done moving a box of 1-ply toilet paper, and so we dug into our vast stash.  We're still going through it and the deprivation has started to get to me. I swear, the rolls seem endless.  One would think that, since it's 1-ply, it would go fast.  Not so, it seems.

After the revelation in the coffee shop bathroom, I decided maybe it was time for a break.  On my last Costco run, I happily headed for the TP aisle.  *SIGH* 
coronavirus = toilet paper crisis.
There was none to be had. 

Well, I bet those preppers we bought that house from in Utah are now wishing they hadn't left their stash behind. 



Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

OMG I can't use that Scotts paper. They h ad it in our hotel when we were in California. Each time one of us used that bathroom we bitched about the paper. We went to his sisters house on afternoon and I came out of the bathroom and said loudly, "Thank God for Charmin Toilet Paper" His sister immediately said, oh do you have scratchy stuff at the hotel. I said we did. She gave us a roll of Charmin to take back to the hotel. Too funny! God love for using it - I would have donated to a homeless shelter although just because they are homeless doesn't mean they have to have a scratchy thin piece of paper either.

Abby said...

Peg, that sister's a keeper!
Homeless shelter donation sounds like a good idea, but yeah, I'd feel kinda bad. Their lives are rough enough!

John Holton said...

We use ScotTissue and it isn't that bad, but maybe we're just used to it. It's also less likely to clog the toilet. We buy it by the 24-roll pack, and always have two packs on hand, coronavirus or not.

Abby said...

John, does Scott only make 1-ply? I've never paid much attention to particular brands. And yes, always have a backup!

ShadowRun300 said...

I’m a Charmin girl all the way. I haven’t looked at my stock in a while, but I sure hope I have enough to get us through. Sheesh. It’s crazy out there!

Chatty Crone said...

Better keep those toilet paper rolls - people are hoarding them here because of the coronavirus! ???

Morgan Cartwright said...

I Costco toilet paper a few times a year. I buy one of the huge ones of Charmin and it lasts us a good 5-6 months. I'm glad I just did it in January, so we should be safe unless COVID-19 has run it's course.
ALSO! I don't understand the toilet paper craze!
Target sent out an email yesterday that they started limiting how much toilet paper people can buy in a visit. Sheesh!
I feel for you on the Scotts TP. That's what my mom always bought while we were growing up. I always said I would never put my family through that. lol (It wasn't terrible, it is just her preference, she still uses it!)

Abby said...

SR300, good for you for going Charmin. We need some luxuries in life!

Chatty, it's crazy the way some people are freaking out.

Morgan, 5-6 months! Good job! Yeah, limiting toilet paper purchases. I heard some stores have security guards in the TP aisle. Whaaaat??

LL Cool Joe said...

When I'm in the States I'm always amazed at how many different types of loo paper you can buy. Here in the UK the choice is much more limited. Andrex or the supermarkets own brand. It makes life a whole lot easier. I've wasted many a 30 minutes in Walmart trying to choose a pack of paper to wipe my arse on. :D

Abby said...

Joey, you're right. And then... do I get the 12-pack? The 24-pack? The 48-pack?? It can be downright stressful shopping for toilet paper.

Brian said...

Had TP on my last shopping list (last Saturday 7 March)), just our normal restocking run. I was amazed to find the TP shelves barren. This morning (3/13) I took time from work to hit up the local BJ's. Got there at 9:05 and the parking lot was 3/4 full. Store was almost out of carts. Happily, they had a good supply of TP but were limiting folks to 2 gigunda packages per member. I snagged a 36 roll pack of super soft Charmin at $40!!!! I'm sure that's at least double the regular price. My butt better appreciate this!!

Abby said...

Brian, $40! Opportunists, those BJ's.

Linda Hensley said...

I recently found a roll of that sandpaper stashed in my closet. I thought like you did, it's time to finally use it. I felt like I was doing penance for something. At least I only had one roll!