Sunday, March 11, 2018

winner winner chili dinner

Thursday night, around 10 pm, Wolfgang started whipping up some chili.  Meego wondered why Wolfgang was whipping up some chili at 10 pm Thursday.  But I knew...

The great chili cook-off of 2018!

Wolfgang's workplace  has held an annual chili cook-off for the past several years, and Friday was the day for 2018.  The thought of a  bunch of engineers cooking chili doesn't naturally inspire high expectations, but apparently the results are quite tasty.  Winner gets a big sombrero.

And darn if Wolfgang didn't almost win that sombrero! 

He got first prize in the "unique" category and second place overall.  Got a trophy and medal, even.  Lookie!

As can be seen, they really pulled out all the stops on that 2nd place medal/magnetic disk clipped to a badge holder.  It's even "inscribed" on the back

He dubbed  his dish "Aloha Sweet Chili".  *Spoiler Alert*  The secret ingredient is pineapple.  Who knew??

He'd actually made it for us a couple of weeks prior to the cook-off, and we got to be the test kitchen.  The only thing he changed for the cook-off was, he let it simmer longer - thus the 10 pm cookfest.

I agree, it's very tasty and worthy of the prizes. 

I'd show a pic of the chili too...

but we ate it. 


ShadowRun300 said...

Congrats to Wolfgang! And what fun prizes! Who woulda thought pineapple?

Abby said...

It was quite tasty. Who puts pineapple in chili??

Morgan Cartwright said...

I can totally see pineapple working in chili. It's like the sweet, tangy type flavor.

Congrats on his win! Those are pretty awesome prizes! Is he sporting them on his desk?

Abby said...

Sweet and tangy works good for chili. I think he does have his prizes prominently displayed :)