Thursday, February 8, 2018

when nerds collide

Out for a romantic dinner.  He suddenly stood up, then got down on one knee, whipped a diamond ring out of somewhere, and popped the question.


At a lovely hiking destination, with nothing but the sounds of nature and breathtaking views.  He gently popped the question.


At a favorite sports venue and suddenly he was on the jumbo tron, down on one knee, and smilingly popped the question.

I've heard of things like this happening or seen them in movies.  Well, nothing like that has ever happened to me, and I'm perfectly fine with that.

In fact, our proposal just sort of materialized.  Think of an engineering problem to set the romantic mood...

Magnum and I met at the University of Colorado where we were both studying mechanical engineering.  So right there, it can be inferred that we were/are both unromantic nerds.  We'd been "dating" for a little over a year I think.  But I'm struggling to recall our "dates" since I mainly remember working at my retail job and doing homework, and he was in the Army National Guard when he wasn't doing homework.  Somehow, we managed to become a couple during that time.

The proposal, however, was quite momentous.

We had both just finished fall semester finals, typical painful things that they were.  So we were celebrating the conclusion of finals and being another semester closer to graduation when the idea of marriage just kinda came up.

The mush that was left of our brains at that point was already on vacation.  Plus, we were both probably a little drunk at the time.  Yeah, what the hell!  Let's get hitched!

And here we are, almost 28 years later.

As an epilogue to that touching story, I also remember the choosing of our wedding date.

Magnum's brother/best man lived in Austria at the time.  My brother Guano/usher lived in Japan at the time.  My best friend/maid of honor lived in Germany at the time.  We managed to find a date that worked for all those worldly people.  My dress was off-the-rack JCPenney, and we sealed the deal.

To this day, we sometimes consider renewing our vows and having the wedding WE always wanted...

at the Justice of the Peace.


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  1. I loved this story! I’ve known bits and pieces of how you met, but didn’t know any of the details. And that picture of you two is just adorable!
    I’m happy my husband’s proposal wasn’t full of flair. It fit us better. We’re right on your tails, having been married almost 27 years. And if we ever renew our vows, the Justice of the Peace sounds perfect. Our wedding was fun and all, but I have no desire to go through all that preparation again.

  2. Nice to learn more about the pair of you, and congratulations staying together for 28 years. It not always easy is it? Love the photo, and I have to say from the photos I've seen of you both on your blog, neither of you have changed that much!

  3. You two were adorable! I wonder how many people are truly shocked when the proposal comes. All of us are like "meh, saw that one coming..."

  4. I love your proposal story. It's pretty much perfect. :)

  5. Justice of the peace was just what I wanted....but not what I had! Your wedding sounds pretty wonderful though.

  6. Also, great title! I am a big fan of nerds. They are some of the best people I find.

  7. You're both so cute! May you have many more happy years together. I can't remember the actual proposal but do remember a lot of discussions about the wedding. I also remember postponing quite a few times. Maybe that was telling me something? My happy moment was at the courthouse for the divorce :) Oh well, maybe I'll give it another try some day.

  8. Love your story most because it's unique to you! Those are the best love stories. :) Stopping by Mama Kat's.