Monday, January 1, 2018

out with the old (ladies)

Happy New Year!  A lot of hype around turning a page on the calendar, but there ya go! Now we get used to writing/typing 8s instead of 7s. 

I managed to get a race in this morning by doing the annual New Year's Day Rescue Run.  I hadn't done this race in a few years, so it was fun to go freeze my buns and do it this morning.  It's a 10K through the HILLS of Palmer Park.  There was also a 5K, but I get better bang for the buck and do the 10K.

It was a fun time of it, a bit of a cold start, but sunny and calm.  The tagline for the race is "Rain, Snow, or 20 Below", so we were well within the limitations.  Proceeds benefit the local county search and rescue.  As usual, my goal for the race was to not put the search and rescue to work for my sake.

The first mile of the race is all uphill, and it sucks, to put it vaguely.  But then we run around the top of Palmer Park looking at gorgeous views of the city and surrounding mountains and it seems the perfect way to start the year. 

I ended up with a time of 50:57, finishing 85th overall, 12th among the females, and first for my age division.  Two ladies in the age division OLDER than me beat me. 

But I know of them, and I've eaten much of their dust before.  In fact, both of them beat the previous record for their age group!

So it was fun and chilly, but not real slippery as in previous years.  We are hurting for snow around here.

So a new year begins.  I left my high school job at the end of last semester, and I feel relieved that I won't be going back to work there tomorrow.  I did enjoy the kids, however.  In fact, I had a total of 250 kids in my rosters, and I can honestly say that there were none who I disliked.  Some just kept a very low profile, and many I truly enjoyed having in the classroom, but none who I disliked. 

I'll mostly miss lunchtime, though.  Those teachers made for good lunch companions.  Maybe I can go back just for lunch?

The district sent me an online exit survey.  At first glance, it didn't look like much, but once I got started, it contained good questions and I feel good about my answers and reasons for leaving.  It was mostly the ol' "It's not you, it's me" story plus the "I got a  better job" story.

So, Happy 2018!  Looking forward to more blog reading in the new year!


ShadowRun300 said...

Sheesh! What were your temps that morning? Ours were below 5 degrees. Certainly not running outside weather. Hard to believe we might have been colder than you. :/
But well done! And Happy New Year! I’m happy you don’t have to go to the high school again. Hopefully your new job fulfills what that job was lacking.
Looking forward to more blog reading this year too! ;)

Abby said...

Gladly, the race didn't start until 10am (to allow for reveling and all). By then, it was sunny, and the temp was around 15. Because of our dry climate, as long as the sun's out, and it's not windy, teens are very comfy running temps. I'm sure it was a lot less comfy where you are!
Happy New Year!

Morgan Cartwright said...

Happy New Year! The race sounds like fun and I'm glad it wasn't slippery for you. Congrats on the first place. That's awesome. I hope you enjoy the new job. :)

Abby said...

Thanks, Happy New Year!

Ginny said...

You would beat me in any race! Happy New Year!