Friday, April 28, 2017

sign me UP!

Last night was the high school's Spring Band Concert.

*YAWN*  I have to be honest.  I had come to dread the Spring Concert.  It's just waaaaaay too long.

There's like seven or more different bands in the instrumental music program, and the Spring Concert is the time to showcase all of them.  The concert goes on for days.  Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, it just feels like days.  The past two years, it's been more like four hours.

Plus, it's in the gym.  My butt and I don't really care to sit on gym bleachers for four hours.  And be quiet that whole time?

BUT (speaking of...) I was saved!  An email arrived.  Seeking band booster volunteers for Spring Concert night to work the silent auction, sell baked goods, hawk spirit wear...  That was it!  My in.

I quickly clicked the link to the sign-up site and put my name in an open slot before they were all filled.  I ended up at the Spirit Wear table.


I could pop in to watch whenever Meego had a number, then pop right back outta there.

As I suspected, I'm not the only one who dreads the Spring Concert because of its ridiculous length.  Fellow volunteer Joanne and her husband just barely managed to watch their daughter perform two songs in a row before bursting, gasping, from the gym.


"I did it!  I made it through two songs!", Joanne triumphantly exclaimed.

I'll mention that Joanne is the outgoing President of the band boosters.  It's not that we don't support our kids in their musical endeavors, and the performances are actually quite good, but four hours of it in a gym?!

Plus, I'm guessing that those who volunteer aren't necessarily the best at being spectators.  It's just my theory.  Thoughts?  I know, personally, I'd generally rather "do" than "watch".  (get your minds out of the gutter).

I actually ended up having a good time.  I was able to hear the various bands while not being confined to the hot gym and its lovely bleachers the whole time. I got to chit chat with the other volunteers.  Oh, I think we sold a few pieces of Spirit Wear, too.

I popped in and saw/heard all of Meego's performances, and could quietly exit out the back way to my volunteer duty without any disruption whatsoever.

Apparently however, the band director had actually gotten some negative feedback and made some changes.  The whole thing this year was only two-and-a-half hours and included two decent intermissions.  I KNEW I couldn't be the only grouchy band parent.  Magnum hasn't liked it either, but he's better at tolerant bleacher sitting than I am.

So it ended up being a nice evening of music and fundraising with a sprinkle of commiseration.


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LL Cool Joe said...

Yes I've experienced some over long concerts where my daughters have had one song and then that's it for the night and I've had to sit through hours of other kids doing their stuff. In fact I've been one of the awful parents that have walked in got a programme, seen when my daughter was doing her part and turned up just for that and then left. This is why I was never a popular parent.

Kim said...

Gyms were definitely not made for acoustics or comfort. I admire the effort I can barely last a 30 minute character assembly.

Jimmy said...

Oh yes many hours we have spent plastered to those gym seats, I think this is one of the benefits of raising kids, glad you found a good way to both get out and still be there.

Linda Hensley said...

I can do about 45 minutes to an hour. Anything more than that is unreasonable. Good for you for being such a good band mom!

Lori said...

Wow, 4 hours? No way I could last that long. They should sell seat cushions along with the T-shirts and hoodies. That might make them some money!

Abby said...

I did exactly what you've described, only cleverly disguised as a band volunteer!

Abby said...


Abby said...

I know some parents who skip the thing altogether. A good portion of the audience is those poor unsuspecting first timers :)

Abby said...

Up to an hour is doable. Much more and somehow, selling t-shirts is the better option.

Abby said...

Great suggestion! Maybe a cash bar too?

Jennifer said...

I could not sit that long I would be stiff as hell heck and stir crazy. Good for you volunteering and getting to see the parts you wanted. Smart thinking <3

Abby said...

Stir crazy is right. One thing about band programs, they're always fund raising - glad I got to make use of it!

KatBouska said...

"gasping from the gym" is the best way to describe every performance and/or even at our school gym. No ventilation, no windows, no temperature thank you.

Abby said...

Spoken from the trenches.