Sunday, April 23, 2017

a weekend in contrasts

Yesterday, Magnum and I got out for a bit of culture:  an afternoon at the Thee-a-tah (trying to say "theater" in a snobby way).  It was the high school drama department's production of "Emma!" a pop musical.  

They did a nice job, it was very entertaining, and some of those kids are very talented young thespians and singers.  It's not really typical for us to go to the school plays, but like last spring,  Meego participated as one of the nine musicians, so that's how we ended up there.

The musicians all had a good time of it, sounded great, and Meego said that it was some of the most challenging music he's ever played, so - growth!

The cast presented each musician with a rose after the final showing, along with a thank-you note signed by each member of the cast.  All the notes had some silly pun to refer to each musician's instrument.

For example, Meego's said "Your bass-ically the best!" *snort*.  However, the trumpet player's note just said, "Sorry, all the trumpet puns are too dirty".

This bit of fine arts culture was in stark contrast to my outing on Friday.  I went up to Boulder to visit my oldest brother, Hagrid.  Y'all remember Hagrid?  The secret government agent scientist man?  Yeah, him.

As might be inferred, Hagrid works at an interesting place.  Yet, I'd never been there before, even though I'd lived in Boulder for four years. Sure, I'd driven or bicycled passed the place many times, but getting inside is such a chore and would involve having Hagrid escort me, blah, blah, blah... There are no photos of our visit.  Hopefully these will suffice:

Where Hagrid works

 With Hagrid's impending retirement however, the whole blah, blah, blah didn't seem so limiting anymore.  Really, it was Chaco who lit the fire.  His work bares some similarities to what Hagrid does, and so Chaco has been wanting to go visit for a while, look around, and talk some shop with Hagrid.  The three of us made arrangements for Friday.

As expected, I was pretty clueless once the two of them got to discussing nits and grits.  The conversation was like foreign language with some English words peppered in a la:
*gibberish* *gibberish* *gibberish* *gibberish* system *gibberish* *gibberish* *gibberish* data *gibberish* *gibberish* effects *gibberish* *gibberish* *gibberish* *gibberish* signal...

Nonetheless, it was fun spending a few hours in the secret places of the secret place with Hagrid and Chaco.  Also, Hagrid's 14-year-old stepdaughter joined us, so I had someone at my intellectual level to hang out with.  😊

Plus, it was fun to just get outta town for a day.  I lived in Boulder over twenty years ago, so it was fun taking in the sights and memories.  Its relative compactness is a nice contrast to the sprawl of Colorado Springs - which is becoming increasingly annoying to me...

All in all, a nice end to a nice week.  Science and music - aren't I so darned well rounded!



Jimmy said...

You are well rounded indeed, I am impressed.

Sounds like Chaco got what he was looking for I didn't understand much of the gibberish of their conversation, but the picture of Hagrid looked vaguely familiar for some reason.

Abby said...

Maybe Hagrid just has "one of those" faces.

LL Cool Joe said...

It sounds like "Emma" was far better than my trip to see the film La La Land. Mind you it also sounds like your visit to Hagrid's place of work was your trip to La La Land. :D

Linda Hensley said...

I enjoy thee-a-tuh at all levels. Good for Magnum to be included in the fun. I'm now wondering what the inappropriate trumpet puns might be? I'm also feeling quite intrigued by Hagrid. I wish I could do the top-secret visit to his job too. But no desire to get a Budgy. Love your last post too :)

Abby said...

HA! Made me laugh. It's funny because it's true.

Abby said...

I'm trying to make my mind STOP coming up with inappropriate trumpet puns.
Looking back, I'm pretty sure my mom never wanted a bird in her house. She did it for Grandma.

Morgan Cartwright said...

Poor trumpet player, but I'm sure all the puns are pretty bad. I might not be laughing thinking of them.

I'm glad they were able to think of one for Meego that was not inappropriate and also hilarious. I'm a sucker for puns.

Abby said...

I get a kick out of puns, too. Leave it to the drama kids!

ShadowRun300 said...

I've been at everyone of Mario's plays since she was 5 years old, except this last one. Her final senior performance and I missed it. *sigh*
But I did get to see the dress rehearsal before going back to Joplin, so that was something... It amazes me the talent of some of these kids.
How cool that you finally got to see Hagrid's place of work. Even without understanding the language, the overall experience had to have been exciting. He's looking good, by the way. Then again, he always does. :)

Abby said...

Heck, some of those kids are better than many in Hollywood. We watched dress rehearsal last year. In many ways, it's nicer and more "intimate" than the big show. Glad you got to Mario's.
The day in Hagrid's world was well worth the wait. He does have a rather "ageless" quality, eh?