Wednesday, November 23, 2016

thank goodness!

Thanksgiving is upon us!  Already!

Surprisingly, I got my act together and have my turkey and fixin's ready to get cracking.  It remains to be seen, however, if any of it will actually be edible when I'm done cracking.  No pressure, though, since the only people I will potentially poison/repulse are those in my immediate family.

In the meantime, here's this Thanksgiving meme thing from MamaKat:

1. What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

Acorn squash, except I don't make acorn squash for Thanksgiving, but I realize now that I totally should.

2. What is your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?

 Pumpkin pie all the way!

3. What does your ideal Thanksgiving outfit look like?

I mean... right?!?
Way to work it!

(This is where I got the idea for acorn squash)

4. What is your best Thanksgiving memory?

The way my Grandma would lift her wine glass arthritic elbows and all and make a toast of thanks and then we'd all ching ching our glasses and swig some wine which may as well have been drain fluid because that's how it tasted to me as a kid but it was Thanksgiving and Grandma made a toast and we drank wine!

5. Least favorite Thanksgiving dish.

Well how to answer that one since if I don't like it, I don't eat it.  Sheesh.

6. Do you have any quirky Thanksgiving traditions?

Like walking to the Best Buy after dinner, even if it's snowing, not to necessarily buy anything but just to say we took an after dinner walk to Best Buy on Thanksgiving?

7. Where do you and your family usually celebrate Thanksgiving?

In our home.  Then at Best Buy.

8. What do you love most about Thanksgiving?

I guess I just like the fact that we have a day set aside to be grateful.

9. What do you think has changed most since the first Thanksgiving?

Uhhh... nature, art, books, society, health, technology....

10. What are you thankful for?

Oh, bunches of stuff, but of course, family, friends, health, prosperity, nature, art, books, society, technology...

But really, I am thankful for family and friends - blogfriends too fer sure.  Thanksgiving also coincides with birthday times for Magnum and me, so I'm grateful to be around for another birthday, considering the alternative.

My mother-in-law made this scarf for me, so I took the happy selfie to let her know I received it and love it.  Then I noticed that my windows photo app has added new editing tools and I couldn't resist trying them out.  So, happy Movember too!



Unknown said...

:) Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday too!
I have never had turkey and always think it as chicken on steroids.
Hope you and the family have everything you wish for.
Now keep on up being awesome.

Marcy said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Love the scarf and you're totally pulling off the Movember look. That's cool that you have a tradition to take a walk! I'd like to get my family out there, but I don't think they'll go for it. Maybe between dinner and pie? I'm going to try.

Abby said...

Chicken on steroids! Pegged it!
When I got my turkey, the store was also selling duck and goose. I've had duck, but not goose and was tempted to try, but ended up with the steroidal chicken.

Abby said...

It helps that there's a Best Buy within pretty easy walking distance from our house. We ended up walking there the first year they opened on Thanksgiving just to see the melee, and "tradition" stuck. Good luck!

ShadowRun300 said...

Happy Thanksgiving to ya! Loved reading your answers. I've never had acorn squash. It's good, huh?
And Happy Birthday! You're rockin' the scarf. And the mustache. :)

Small Talk Mama said...

I love the idea of walking to Best Buy after Thanksgiving as a family tradition. My family has been doing the shopping thing together since the early-morning black Friday event was invented. We always eat at IHOP afterwards, so even if I don't want to buy anything, I go. I love those IHOP mornings with about 15 of my closest relatives!!

John Holton said...

That's the way I feel about stuff I don't like. Why bother making it if you don't like it? We were talking yesterday about green bean casserole, which is a sine qua non at some houses on Thanksgiving but not at ours. Really, life is too short...

Unknown said...

The only year we took a walk after Thanksgiving dinner was the year we went to the beach. Just us and our two kids. It was fabulous. I'd have loved to make that a tradition, but it was in 2006 and we haven't had a vacation since. Maybe someday! My toes miss the sand, be it winter or summer!

KatBouska said...

That moustache is becoming on you. You might be the only family I've ever known to include Best Buy in your Thanksgiving traditions and I kind of love it.

LL Cool Joe said...

I got back from the States a few days ago but missed all the Thanksgiving celebrations both there and online. And it looks like I missed your birthday too. Damn. Hope you had a wonderful day and I like your new scarf!