Thursday, May 12, 2016

no degree for me yet, but I least I got stuff!

Another semester of classes has come to a close.  When I last spoke with Chaco, he couldn't WAIT to be finished.  That was on Sunday.  He and Wolfgang actually came over as a sort of Mother's Day... thing.  Which was nice.  We just kinda hung out as we don't usually do anything special on Mother's Day, so that was special.

Whee!  I'm in college!

I was thinking about back to nearly four years ago when Chaco was just moving into the freshman dorm - how excited he was (and how rather traumatized I was).  It's been a good four years for him, and it's time to move on.

Graduation is tomorrow.  We left it up to him as to whether he would do the whole cap'n'gown thing as we're pretty ambivalent when it comes to all that pomp and circumstance biz.  We told him we'd be there with bells on if he wanted, but Chaco didn't feel a need to sit through graduation in a funny hat.  YAY.

I went to the university today.  I noticed right away that I didn't feel as old as I usually do.  There were quite a lot of "older than usual" people on campus - parents in for graduation or packing freshmen and/or sophomores out of the dorms.

As for me, I was not there to collect any degrees or any children, but rather to cash in!

Remember a little while back?  I mentioned this "Spring into Wellness Challenge" the graduate school was throwing?  I was drinking a bunch of water for that first challenge?  Sure ya do!

Anyway, the challenge took place over the final six weeks of the semester, with a different challenge each week.  We were to complete the challenges and take part in discussions with other participants.  I thought it was fun.  The challenges weren't too difficult, but made me think about "wellness", and I enjoyed the discussions with grad students other than those that are in my program.

"Prizes" were vaguely mentioned early on, and lo and behold, they awarded nicer than expected prizes to the top three participants.  And I got top prize!  Yeah, moi!  Fifty bucks at the university bookstore.  Surprise!

So I went today to cash in.  I did NOT spend it on textbooks.  (1) the bookstore book prices are ridiculous, and (2) sorry, but a textbook doesn't feel very "prizey".

I got an Under Armour ColdGear 3/4 zipper pullover.  It's fun just to say it!  This will be nice for those cold-weather rides and runs.  And yes, so far, it is "sparking joy"

As I was perusing all the paraphernalia, I was surprised to not see any reference to the university on this particular pullover.  Then I turned it around and saw this rather inconspicuous blurb

Well, okay then!  I didn't need it today as it's lovely out and I rode in single layer short sleeves.  I just put it on for blog quality - sacrifices I make.  I like the thumb holes in the sleeves.  I wish we could actually go back to winter right now!  No I don't!

I was also due for Pedal Perks from April, so...

I know they look like pretty boring socks from the tops, but the material is nice lightweight moisture whicking stuff.  And they're actually quite flashy.  Plus... free!

So that's it for now - top to bottom.  What's new with you??



LL Cool Joe said...

It was all going so well until I saw your back. No it's a nice top really. You could always fill the letters in with a black marker, and yes I've done that to a cap I have which was very cool apart from the white lettering on the back. Out came the pen.

Very flash socks too!

ShadowRun300 said...

That was four years ago that Chaco moved into school? Where has the time gone?! Well congrats to him. And to you. What's next on his to-do list?
And look at you cashing in on some great prizes! Pretty snazzy! You practically have a whole new wardrobe by now, huh?

Tee said...

It's so hard to believe Chaco has graduated already! Congratulations to him! I wish him much success in the "real" world.

Love your new pullover. Under Armour gear is the best! Those socks are pretty cool too. And as long as it's all sparking joy, you're good!

Abby said...

I thought it was a rather strange way to promote the university - without even really mentioning the university! I guess I'll just have to wear it within a few miles of campus where people should understand the reference, or break out the black Sharpie!

Abby said...

Yes, Chaco was a stupid freshman not so long ago! He's been working as an intern at a local firm since last summer and has decided to stay with them and move to full time for now. He's got quite a few options, which is a nice thing.

Abby said...

The wellness challenge was a nice diversion from the usual classwork - like I need more of that! Getting a joy-sparking prize was a fun result. Plus, they even spelled my name correctly in the announcement!

Sparkling Red said...

Winner winner, chicken dinner! Congratulations to you and Chaco. Nice pullover too. My husband joined a gym in February, and apparently Under Armour is the brand of activewear everyone wants to own. You are right on trend! ;-)

Abby said...

Thanks :). And I actually have other pieces of Under Armour activewear - good stuff!